My HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H20L can't read cd-r disc


My CD-rom/DVD driver wont read any cd-r disc or cd-rw. When i put a blank cd or cd in it, it doesnt give me an error it just doesnt do anything.

Please help!

The drive uses a different laser for reading and writing to cds than for dvds. It is possible that the mechanism for that part of the drive is malfunctioning, in which case you’re probably best off purchasing a new drive.

You could try updating the firmware for the drive, if you haven’t got the latest one now. To check which version of firmware you have, use Nero InfoTool (free download).

Is this in an HP computer by the way? The only firmware update I could find for a drive with that designation was from HP. The firmware is from 2006 and is version S853 That firmware update is here, but don’t use it if your drive is not from an HP computer.