My head is spinning trying to find TYG01's

Hi all,

Ok so I want to make sure the DVD-R’s I’m buying are actually TYG01. Did a Google search on the Mfr# DVD-R47VAL600SK, and found them to be the “B” grade stuff, although Supermedia store lists them as “TYG01 made in Japan”.
Any surefire way to assure the right stuff? Is Rima the best way to go?



most people love this media.

rima is DEFINITELY the way to go.

don’t even consider getting the silver thermals from anywhere else :wink:


Check with Rima before you order-

They said about 6 months ago that they were NOT going to carry the G01’s as TY no longer manufactured them-

Other folks in here ordered the G01’s from SuperMediaStore and got G02’s-


Yeah I saw all of their (Rima) TY’s were 02. Next question, are the 02’s the new “gold standard”?



The G02’s are excellent - especially if you get the “A” Grade from or (go for the best bottom line shipped)-

btw - Neweggs pricing would come out to $70 per 100 plus shipping whereas Rimas is $43 per hundred plus shipping-


Thanks for the info. I’m off to Rima to give them my money.

wow, i thought newegg had good prices on TY’s but these other places are great! thanks!

You will be very happy with TYG02’s from RIMA.

Yo all-

Happy that I could be of help-and Hitman - thanks for the props Bra-