My HD does not support files over 4Gb!



Hi all, i’m having a problem in trying to copy DVDs, both DVDDecrypter and Clone DVD are telling me that my HD that is a 120Gb 7200, splitted in two FAT32, one of 40Gb and other 80Gb, all two with enough space one with one with 6.28Gb and other with 20Gb, don’t support burnning images bigger than 4Gb, why is this happening, is there a way to bypass it? :frowning: :doh:


The only way to bypass it is to upgrade to NTFS - FAT32 can not handle anything bigger than 4GB.

Oh forgot to add - that if you are using DVDDecryptor in ISO read mode, there is a setting you can change so it will split the file into smaller pieces.


Thank you dude! any more comments? :clap: :iagree:


Think that abrown15 is right, as far as I know: FAT32 can not handle anything bigger than 4GB.


FAT32 only supports files up to 4GB size. In Windows 2000/XP you can use the convert program (from the command prompt) to convert your FAT32 partitions to NTFS.


But be sure to change the location of the temp folder that you send the data being ripped, via CloneDVD, to the partition that has been converted to NTFS format.

I have always doubted the safety of converting a FAT drive, containing the actual operating system on it, to NTFC. Maybe others have no fear of this. If you have only one partition (C:/ drive) you may be safer to just get out your WindowsXP disks, collect all your programs and product keys and save your data and keys to an off-drive location etc. Then you have to reinstall Windows, this time choosing the installation option to format the drive to NTFS format instead of FAT32, during the installation of XP. Most pro’s reformat and reinstall once a year anyway, just to keep the system functioning smoothly.

I think PowerQuest Partition Magic (now owned by Symantec) may have an option/feature to convert your primary drive (with XP and all programs & data) to NTFS during it’s DOS boot (command line) phase but I have never dared to risk my systems integrity and my data etc using this method. In either case, backup [B]everything[/B] first!



Why? CloneDVD will not create files bigger than 1GB in its Temp folder. When creating an .iso file the destination file must be on a NTFS partition.

If you don’t create .iso files (CloneDVD doesn’t require .isos) FAT32 is fine.

I believe the Microsoft (convert.exe) method is the safest approach. It should be well tested. :wink:


I’m sure you are right, but I’m not sure I understand how come so small a temp file? If a movie is, say, 4.30GB in size and will not be compressed, how can the temp file from CloneDVD’s ripping stage be only 1GB?

I guess the folder can be bigger than 1GB but that no single .VOB file is bigger than 1GB. But an ISO is just one huge file correct?



it creates mutiple temp files (.vob, .ifo, .bps) all broken up into ~1GB chunks like any other program in “file mode”

in fact, the temp folder just houses the rip in file mode until it’s rewritten or erased so you can theoretically just use those files to make multiple copies of the movie.


Ya, almost at the moment of posting, I began to understand what Tru means. Just a bit of wrongthink on my part!