My Hard Drive Wandered Off

i mostly lurk but i have encountered a problem i hope someone can help me with.
i put a second NIC in my computer abd when i turned it back on my second hard drive seems to have lost all of its data.
windows xp can see the drive but when i try to access it, the comp tells me that the drive is unformatted and would i like to format.
i put everything back to the way it was and i got the same error message.
i have over 30 gigs of info on this drive that i really don’t want to lose.
is there a data recovery program that will recover this?
PIII @ 1 Ghz
256 mb ram
drive 1 is 15 gig
drive 2 is 40 gig
Windows Xp Pro

i really hope someone has seen this and recovered from it

fixed it
problem with the boot sector of the drive i guess
had a cd with norton utilities on it and it fixed it right up
guess i’ll have to take back all the nasty things i ever said about norton
thanks anyway


I encountered many problems myself with Boot sectors going corrupt, mainly with Windows XP. Repartitioning and installing a boot loader (for dual boot) are the main causes for me having my boot sectors going corrupt on my main hard drive.

If your primary hard disk’s boot sector should go corrupt, i.e. PC won’t boot, then use the Windows XP boot CD/disks, go into the recovery console and run the command ‘fixmbr’, confirm and then run the command ‘fixboot’, confirm and type exit.

that was the funny thing
it wasn’t the boot drive
c: was fine, it was the second drive
very odd
never happened before