My H42L Disobeys Me

I’ll often set the write speed to, let’s say, 16X, and my H42L will burn at 18X. What’s up with this?
Here’s what happened with 8X. The scan wasn’t bad, but the burner was like “hey wtf i’m supposed to burn at 8x lol” in the middle of the write and fixed itself.


The burner has advanced features to measure the burn quality and adjust the speed so the burning quality will be optimized, depending on the media used.

No, it will burn 16X just like 18X. CAV all the way up to 18X without even fixing itself. What sucks about that especially is that at the end of the disc where it reaches 18X, PIE goes through the roof on some media. ;\

That is just normal.

If I remember well it’s a bug in CDSpeed’s “create disc” feature with version, will always burn at max with some burners, whatever the burning speed selected.

If you burn with IMGburn, Nero or another burning app, your 42N will obey you. :wink:

No it’s not. :rolleyes: - since when is it normal to have 18X burning when selecting 8X or 16X? :bigsmile:

Try earlier version of CD-Speed, say 4.60.

Because of the bug you mentioned. :wink:

I met the same problem like u. When I turned to version 4.6, it was settled. :smiley: