My gsa h22n is stuck up

I mean stuckup in the way that it really likes a particilar kind of dvd or not. It seems to like most verbs but falters on ty -8. Is this common among these drives or is mine just fickle. I have several different brand drives that mostly burn good or not but this one burns some very well or not and this is always using good media (no memerex, store brands etc.)

My H22N prefers +r media, 16x verb ,8x and 16x ty.

What do you mean? Failed burns? Something else?

I mean consistently bad on some media and consistently good on other media. Hard to blame the burner if it can burn one type very well but a pain in the but when another media sucks. Verb+ great Ty- not very good. But it does burn some - media very well.

You misunderstood my question. What do you mean by “bad” or “falters” with TYG02 in your H22N? Failed burns? Discs that can’t be read properly? Or something else like PIE/PIF scans that you consider as poor, and in this case, would you post the scans?

My own H22N burns TYG02 most honorably, even though I get prettier scans from them with my Benq 1650 TYG02 burns. But I wouldn’t call my H22N burns of TYG02 “bad”.

I mean fail to play at all. Scans looked like crap. Don’t have any handy. :disagree:

OK. Well, most H22N users don’t have this issue with TYG02, so I guess it’s your own unit that has issues. :frowning: Or maybe you have fake TY media? Do they have the GGXXXXXX code?

Scans looked like crap? Hmmmm I’m wondering if this could be another case of the LG 8x syndrome on 8X media.

When it burns @ 8x on 8x media, when the drive changes speed from 4x to 8x, the errors go off the charts and the drive produces unreadable errors. I get this on my H22N and also 4167B on MCC02RG20 8x Verbatim, CMC MAG E01 8x, CMC MAG AE1 8x. My 4167B writes extremely well @ 8x to TYG02 but I’m unsure of the H22N. The only solution is to burn @ 4x. This will most of the time produce a perfectly working burn, sometimes a very very good one. As long as you don’t mind waiting longer for a 4x burn?