My GSA 4163B is not recognized by the burning software

I have a LG GSA 4163B dvd burner as well as a Samsung cd writer and although both are recognized by my computer they are not recognized by the burning software I use which is either Nero or Easy cd/dvd creator. They both worked fine until recently and went wrong at the same time. I’ve reinstalled them and updated the drivers and still have the same problem. I want to format and reload windows xp but have files I wish to backup so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, wiltonres.

Have you updated Nero? Maybe you reinstalled an older version, which does not yet recognize the LG.

It’s possible that you’ve got a minor corruption in the registry that prevents the optical devices being seen.

I’ve found this registry patch to work.







Don’t ask me to explain this as I can’t but I did get this from this forum some time ago.

Save this to a text file with a .reg extension & run it.

Actually I was using Nero 7 as well as a recent version of Easy DVD. I tried uninstalling the programs and reinstalling just Nero but I still have the same problem.

Install their latest Nero 6 trial version, or update.