My GSA-4081B won't write at >2X

Hi all,

I have an LG 4081B and I have upgraded its firmware to A101 first, and then to A104. Unfortunately, with all these firmware (the the original A100, A101, and A104) it can only write at 2X. Actually nero says it is writing at 4X but a full dvdr takes ~40 minutes which means the actual write speed is ~2X.
Thinking this could be because of bad media, I have purchased 8X Verbatim DVDRs but nothing changed. Any idea about this problem?

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2X would complete in 30 mins. Your problem is the drive is using PIO mode instead of DMA mode. There are plenty of posts already on how to enable DMA so I won’t go through it all again.

100% guaranteed solution :slight_smile:
Thanks so much…

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