My GSA-4040B DVD RAM Drive stoped burning DVDs



My GSA-4040B DVD RAM Drive stoped burning DVDs. It had been working fine. I can no longer burn DVDs. I ran diagnostics and all the tests failed.

Can someone please advise?


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Does it read DVDs? Either pressed (commercial) or burned ones.

If not, I’d say the DVD part of the drive has died.


Hello, and thanks to responding to my post. Yes, it does read the DVD’s… both the commercial as well as the burned ones.

In fact, when I try to burn a DVD file it attempts to burn it but it keeps running and gives an estimated time of 40+ hours.


Hmmm…have you changed your media brand at all?

Also, if you have Nero, can you try another burn, and post the burn log for us?

Thanks :)…it’s looking hopeful since the drive still reads DVDs :wink:


I have been using CONVERTXTODVD. But I have Nero and I’ll try it right now. Where would I get the burn log?