My good old PX940SA BluRay Burner


i have a good old PX940SA BluRay Burner with latest Asia (Taiwan) Firmware 1.10.
My Plextor is everytime a very good burner, i have never failded brands,
but my Plextor is old.
I burned in 3 Years more than 3000 DVDs/Blurays…

I searched a new burner that replaced my Plextor, but the Plextor 950 is
not so good.
Is the actual Teac Bluray Burner a labeld Plextor/Pioneer?

I burn only on Sony BD-R 6x (HTL), DVD-/+R from Taiyo Yuden and
DVD DL from Verbatim.

What is the best Burner for the Disk’s?


Sorry for my bad english.

Hello Alex, welcome to the forums.

Most of us around here like the Pioneer blu ray burners. I recently purchased a 207MBK, but the newer 208 and 2208 models are also well regarded.

Hi Alex,

I dont see a three year drive to be old, unless you have some really bad burns, which you say you dont.
So for me it’s simple, keep the Plextor and add a Pioneer drive next to it, and you should be fine for another 3-5 years.

Also if i am correct the [B]PX940SA[/B] is a PIONEER BDR-205 drive.