My goal was to make a file as small as possible

well, someone please tell me if i’m doing it wrong, my goal was to make a file as small as possible:

i use winrar to rar up a file, then i place it in an empty folder, then i rar it up again, again i place the rar file in an empty folder, then rar it up again…

the file began to get smaller and smaller, i repeated the process a couple of times, but i can’t help but think that this doesn’t seem to be the proper way, so can someone tell me if what i was doing is correct and an effective way of shrinking down a file? will the file become damage and unextractable after too many times?

many thanks for the help

Just set RAR to max compression and compress it only once.

Or try 7zip, which may give better results.

RAR, ZIP, 7Z, etc. are designed to do lossless compression, and theoretically should not benefit from multiple recompressions much, if at all.

i was trying to make the file smaller, i used 7zip before, so can it make my file smaller?

so i took a file, place it in an empty folder, then rar it up using winrar.

i then took the rar file and place it in another empty folder, then rar it up again, i find that the file continue to get smaller and smaller each time i does that, so i was wondering:

-is this the PROPER way of making a file smaller?

-i head the file might become damage after too many times, is this true?


I have read several reviews on compression programs. By using the GUI interface WinRK, the PWCM method is suppose to give you the most compression possible. 7-Zip using the LZMA method was also highly recommended.

WinRK :

7-Zip :

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so i took a 50mb file, and tried using 7zip,winrar,KGBarchiever, using the highest compression option, in the end, the 50mb file shrinks down to 49.8mb, and sometimes, even bigger.

before: 50mb

after: 49.8mb

i don’t understand, i tried everything, maybe there is no such thing as compression in this world…


That’s right, there is no perfect compression. There is a mathemathically proven limitation to how much you can compress data in a lossless way, called Shannon’s limit.

To put it shortly, it is mathemathically impossible to encode each and every possible sequence of n bits to a “compressed” sequence of less than n bits, even n-1. Either you accept that in some cases the “compressed” sequence will be larger than the original, or you end up with a lossy algorythm, i.e. where you cannot restore the original file exactly.

In practice, if the file you’re trying to compress is already in a compressed format (such as a GIF, PNG, JPG picture or a video encoded in divx, xvid, H.264, etc., as well as a compressed archive) you will gain very little, if anything at all, by means of archivers such as RAR or 7-zip.

If you’re looking for technical documents on data compression theory, also in form of FAQ, try

Some files are already compressed, so do not compress much if at all using something like ZIP or RAR or 7ZIP. Others are not pre-compressed internally, so they may give better results.

RAR has the ability to easily split an archive into smaller pieces that can be reassembled later, which works great if you are trying to email files to someone.

There are many different options, but in all cases, it’s usually best to only compress something ONCE (one level of compression) instead of doing it over and over again. Otherwise, decompressing it can be a real pain, and the chances of accidental corruption of the archive increase.

Simply try using ZIP, RAR and/or 7ZIP to find which one works best for you at maximum compression, and stick with that format, and you should be ok.

Best wishes, and good luck,


The first person to produce 100% verifiable “recursive compression” will be a multi-millionaire, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It’s like the tale of the guy who writes two chess books, how white can always win, and how black can always draw.

If you can always reduce a file by one bit, then you must eventually be able to reduce it to nothing.

yo whoever u are just search for KGB archiver on the net and you wont have issues its better than 7-zip