My GF's SONY desktop's DVDrw model is GWA-4082B.Is it made by LG?

My GF’s SONY desktop’s DVDrw model is GWA-4082B.Is it made by LG?


Yes, it is. It is the OEM version of the GSA-4082B. However, LG has a peculiar policy with OEM drives : unlike other manufacturers, LG’s OEM drives are different from their retail models. Usually, the OEM versions lack DVD-RAM support. Sometimes, the OEM versions use completely different chipsets than the retail ones. Retail versions have a model number that starts with GSA. OEM ones are usually GWA, GCA or GMA. Also, LG does not provide firmware support for OEM models, expecting the OEM companies which use the drives to supply firmware updates instead. So you won’t be able to find firmware updates for that drive at any of LG’s websites. You’re probably going to have to look to Sony for that.