Ok, runnin a hercules g2mx and when i run older games like G-police and delta force, even delta force 3. As soon as it loads the level and goes to going into d3d, glide or opengl (or whatever its doing) it locks up. what happens is i get a lot of little green vertical lines (about 1cm long) at the top of my screen going across the top.

i used newest detonator 3 drivers, newest hercules drivers, original hercules drivers and am downloading some older detonator 3 drivers now.

using dirext x 8 at the moment, but i even tried it on directx 7.

this has got me puzzled.

oh and Counterstrike works (D3D mode) so i can only guess g police and delta force use opengl or glide (i dont know much about them)

but i did also download GLsetup and got the drivers from…that didnt work either.



did they work "before"geforce ? and what O/S are you using? 98/me/2000

Mr C


newest? try getting drivers from :
newest is Detonator 12.90
(gave me an extra 100 3dmarks from the ver. before it)
Ahhh, the wonderful GPU.
Too much memory maybe?
nahh…nevermind… (thats just MY problem)


3Dmarks = nothing

try orfficial drivers. if those dont work, turn off your cards acceleration in windows.


buuuut…about 30 minutes after making that post i thought i might check a few other drivers.

turned out i had forgotten to update my via chipset thingie.
even though i had downloaded them a few weeks ago.

as soon as the drivers went in everything started working properly.

spose it makes a good lesson, drivers are the backbone of the system.




i forgot all about those =]