My GCE-8525B is dead?

i have a LG GCE-8525B CD-Writer with the 1.03 firmware so i was going to upgrade it to 1.04 so i download it and when i was going to click on the upgrade botton my windows froze!!! :frowning: (and no i didnt click in the upgrade botton) so i restarted the pc and my bios didnt recognize the cd writer and windows neither and i try to open the tray but it doesnt work like if there is no electricity power on it (i checked the power lines of the power supply and switched it but it doesnt work)

any help for this problem?


Had similar experience; checked drive’s visibility in Safe Mode, then restarted.
Drive reappeared mysteriously. Hope a similarly straightforward solution works for you…

Use LG’s recovery technique. It’s in the firmware updates section describing what to do when installing Mandrake Linux, which seemingly kills some CD readers.

how to recovery gce-8525b

Please sent me how to recovery my gce-8525b.Pleeease!!!

i dont now

Use MTKFlash.

tried but it didnt work :sad: :sad:

but i cant find any LG binary firmware, only .exe :sad:

Start the .exe flasher. While it is running, have at look at your temp directory, you will find a directory with the current date. Inside that directory you find an IDE.hex file, which can be flashed with mtkflash (using the right command line options). You find your temp directory by entering %temp% in the address line of your windows explorer.

well i tried mtkflash but it didnt work :sad: when im trying to flash the drive in mtkflash appears “FAIL TO IDENTIFY THE FLASH TYPE” :sad: :sad: