My games wont in stall. Need help!

I have two games (Tron 2.0 & ToEE) I had them installed at one time, but I had to wipe my system and now when I try to re-Install them I get;

Component transfer error

Component: Resources
File Group: Resources
File: D:\
error: Incorrect Function.


I found this site thru a google search and was looking for help.


have you checked if your drives are running in dma mode and not pio?

Thank you for answering slayerking. Now where do I go to find this out?

I tried to update my driver and it said I had the latest one? Please need more info

also helpful if read in conjunction with:

Sometimes if u have over 512 megs of ram windows craps out on installs. I have 1.5 gigs and everytime I have to install a game I have to go and tell windows to pretend i only have 512 megs. If you go to start menu > run and type msconfig then go to boot.ini there is an advanced tab. Option on the top, check it, and put 512. If thats your problem, restart your comp and install perfectly.