My games dont work on ps2

i dont know what is wrong with my comp. i know my swap magic 3.3 is working properly because my friend lent me Devil May Cry 3 and it worked perfectly.

i have tried to burn GTA:SA, The Punisher, PoP: Sands of Time, NBA Street, MGS and all of them didnt work. i put it in the ps2 and the game starts up but after a while the game freezes either in gameplay or during the cutscenes

i have windows xp, nero/dvd decrypter, Ritek G04 and TYGO2. Burn at slowest speeds, NEC 3500A

NOTE: i have burned over 10 movies on Ritek G04 that worked perfectly
NOTE: For GTA, the TYGO2 froze much later than the Ritek GO4
NOTE: the disk my friend lent me had media code MCC 02RG20

Buy originals.

Try some verbatim discs and read\burn them with dvd decryptor as this has always worked great for me…
Maybe the TYGO2 discs are fake…

Heh . . .

maybe my ps2 is very picky since i burned movies that are really good

can there be any other problem with my system cofigurations?

is MCC 02RG20, verbatim?

Yes it is sorry never read your first post correctly
Use dvd decryptor and select mode\iso\read to read and mode\iso\write to write (best with dvd-r discs or dvd+r bitset to dvd-rom)
Try it in both consols and see what you get…