My Friend just gave me whole bunch of Ridata DVD+R!



Are they any good and how do they compare to the Old Verbatim? Thats usually all i use? Thanks


try searching in the Blank Optical Media forum & the Blank DVD Media Tests sub-forum
if they are Ridata 16X +R,the media code is probably RITEK F16 the same code that TDK,Sony,& Maxell are using

they are alright 2 good enough at best
nothing compares to the old Verbs anymore :frowning:
there is only Taiyo Yunden/JVC for quality/archival


They are mediocre. I’d use them for movies that you will only watch once or twice and for giveaways and use TY/JVC or Verbs for anything you like a lot.


With friends like that…