My Formal Summary of Freeipods -- Please delete or lock if considered Spam

First and foremost, at the very beginning (a few months ago) I thought that this Free iPod thing was a scam–typical spam mail. But after reading a lot of web sites with successful outcomes, I thought I would look in to it. The program looks legitimate.

WHAT IT IS FOR THOSE WHO DON’t KNOW is a site owned by Gratis networks. The theory is, if you signup for some “Promotion” and get five of your friends to do the same, they will send you an iPod. Typical promotions include Blockbuster’s Netflix clone, BMG Music Service, AOL, and some other things.


The first time I saw this, I thought it was typical spam. However, this is very legitimate. Here’s why: Companies like BMG, America Online and Blockbuster pay Gratis network for referreals that they provide. Often paying $60 - $90 per referreal. Gratis networks requires that you and five friends signup (and complete) some offer. So after you receive your freeipod, Gratis has made over $600 in referral. After purchasing an iPod for $250, $350 profit for them is very nice.

By sending you the free iPod, they keep themselves legal. More people signup and they make more money.


You might still seem skeptical, as was I. But here is some proof I found while researching.

Wired News - Making Free IPods Pay Off


Just to let you all know, I am going to personally try this. If I do receive the iPod, I will most definetly let you all here at the forum know. The one offer that I decided to do was the Blockbuster (Netflix wannabe) offer. It’s a two week free trial and I can cancel after I receive movies and return them (plus I got 2 free rentals at the store in woodland for signing up), and I didn’t have to pay anything. If I can get 5 other people to do the same easy offer, I get an iPod, sounds good to me.

If you want to try this offer, share your success in this thread.


Click Here To Sign-Up

After giving them an e-mail address and password they will ask for some information. Do not give them false info, you wont receive your iPod and they will just deactive your account. You have the option of participating in a survey, but you don’t have to. One last thing, once logged in, Click “My Account” and have an activation e-mail sent to you to active your account.

Any ways, I’m really hoping that this works out. Let me know what you all think.

Mods, if you consider this spam, please just delete or lock. I love these forums, and would never want to risk my chances of being here. I feel, however, I have provided valid points and source(s). Thank you for your time.

Still spam i think.

You got that right, in the link to FreeIpods you can find a number:

That referer bit is where he gets credits whenever one signs up, so yes spam it is :wink: Good job on moving it here!

Yep…especially since referrer codes were used…

This same member is now carrying the following in his SIG.

Click Here for a legitimate free mp3 player. It takes less than 5 minutes, and it’s easy. Enjoy!

Is this allowed?

its allowed - if the referrer id is removed. this was discussed a few weeks back (i promise, they’ll let you see that forum soon :D)

tax or someone will get the whiteout ready for their sig, and not tell them

Referrer-id removed from his signature. Good work Dee-27!

I’d almost consider putting a censor on either freeipods or referrer. But the latter would not work for the link specified above, since it holds r= instead of referrer…and no freeipods as well…

The censor on ******** stays by the way…every now and then we have a user that likes to spam our forums on this.

We censor stars? :confused:


What a guess.

It looks like the censor thing works (forgot about that when typing it)

It is the dot and deals thing that won’t work…