My Floppy Drive Is Crazy!

i had the same problem as the person above, not only that, my floppy also gets crazy and starts rattling and roaring is when i was shutting down my pc, the floppy drive won’t rattle like the world is ending, then windows would give me a message telling me that “CCAPP.EXE” is ending please wait

and of course, just like that person, when i open notepad, my drive goes crazy too.

i already did what the website recommands, but my floppy drive is still rattling when i shut down my pc, heck when i access my floppy drive when there’s no floppy, it would starts rattling too, the drives reads floppy just fine though, that is, when there is a floppy drive inside…

so my questions are:

-all this rattling my floppy drive is doing, is the drive going to sustain damage? physically?

-how do i stop this?

thanks for helping.

I can’t say how you can stop it because i’ve never experienced it before, but the rattling may damage your drive. From the sounds of it, the controller is telling the head to seek forward or backward while it’s on the end stops which makes it make that rattling sound. If it keeps doing this - the place where the head grips onto the seek motor might wear out to the point that the drive won’t be able to seek its head anymore - so yes - it can be damaging. I don’t know - but i’d check the cables inside first - if that’s not helping - and if no one can provide another way to fix it - it might be time to format your system after backing up your important documents.

How about removing it from your machine. You really don’t need it anymore. Most new computers don’t even have them now.

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Oh… is that right? Well - I did come into a surprise when i was reinstalling someone else’s computer and he was using his HDD’s off a RAID controller - guess what?


And I thought it was all over …

It is now, vista uses a pre-install environment to allow you to load drivers off of a USB pen drive, 2nd formatted HDD or a CD. Floppy drive is now finally dead.

Sure took longer than expected - when XP came out, people were already jumping the bandwagon and having NO FDD’s … and then came SATA and OMG - where’s the drive!!! sorry to be offtopic but it never ceases to amaze me the troubles of those who don’t have a FDD drive and use SATA

I’ve heard that the Indexing Service can cause this floppy thing. I don’t know because I don’t have a floppy and I always disable the Indexing Service. Maybe it’s just a myth.

In any event I think it’s a good idea to disable it.

I don’t think you need to supply drivers to install on a SATA drive unless you have an odd-ball SATA controller. I’ve installed XP and Win2k on three computers with SATA drives, and no special drivers were required. I have the latest service pack slipstreamed, and maybe that makes a difference.

I haven’t had a floppy drive in years and I don’t ever intend to have one. If I couldn’t install the OS on my computer without a floppy, I would get a better computer.

I agree however that optical drives haven’t yet entirely replaced the floppy. It’s bizarre that the floppy has lasted so long. If I need to boot my computer with some little DOS program that only boots from floppy, I use a virtual floppy. I format it to be DOS bootable, put the programs on it, then have Nero make a DVD (or CD) that boots with floppy emulation.

I don’t see the need to purposefully kill the floppy disc, I’ll probably have a FDD in my computers for years to come. :cop:

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A floppy is neccessary to flash your bios still as far as I know, either on the Motherboard and/or you video card.
i to will always have a floppy for this reason.
Seems like some of the tolls I used last year also required a floppy drive to fix a bad flash of a dvd-rom…

No, You can flash via the rom drive or a usb flash drive.

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I just flashed my BIOS (2nd PC) with a floppy yesterday (last resort, no other choice as nothing else would work) as I flashed the manufacturer’s BIOS instead of the OEM locked one. It is a good idea to at least keep one around just in case.

I hear what you are saying, but over the next two years most of the major MFG will phase out the floppy drive and push towards the use of usb flash drives instead. So in time you will have no choice.

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I had no idea there were so many people that liked floppies. I’m sure someone will see the demand and develop flash drives that simulate a floppy.

They will have a capacity of 1.4 megs, take 5 minutes to read or write and will have all the sound effects. They will also develop another bad sector every few minutes. :slight_smile: