My first TY purchase/burn! WOOHOOO

Well I bought a pack of fuji 8x MIJ from best buy, (they finally had some in stock) and here is the first one from the pack.
IM hooked!!!

Very nice burn! Hard to beat TY, isn’t it.

So it seems.

What speed? I am guessing either 8x or 12x. Nice scan!

12x. Although each of my drives supports these beauties up to 16x.

how does the dye look after the burn? are there areas darker or lighter than the other?

well the area that has been written to is obviously darker now, but its all the same colour no patches of different hues.


i would not really bother about the areas with darker or lighter…no prove to show it will fail in reading…

It isnt going to fail in reading, look at the scan.

I have noticed a slight dye change at 12x modded U9/non modded U9 on my TY02 using TY02 or TY03 write strategy(interestingly on P9/T9 fw this was less common) I was worried about this but I ealized it is not a defect in the dye but the way the dye looks after being burned…most discs it is barely visible and I have to work to look for it in the “right” lightning

Do not give it a second thought

BTW I do not see it at 16x burn speed

Maybe Im missing something here, but the dye on ALL my discs is a different colour (darker) then the unused portion of the discs’ underside.
Is this what we’re talking about.

yes the “burned” dye will look different but I my impression in the burned dye he noted so differences in the “color or appearance”…

:confused: Uh…I dont understand a word of what you wrote. :confused:

feels good to get 99% heh? and, PIEs are well below 20 all the way. congrats. :slight_smile:

nice job.

I don’t get it though, I’ve burned over 150 discs with my 1620’s almost all fuji ty02’s and i’ve never gotten better than a 97% :frowning: . It could be my setup though, not sure if it’s something with the nForce3 250 chipset. Congrats again

xtw1ster, I wouldn’t think anything of it. Almost guaranteed to be the batches of media (TY) that you are getting, and nothing more.

I totally agree. I burned around a hundred YUDEN000-T02 Fuji branded discs with quality score between 95 and 97, smooth distribution of low PIEs. These were spindles of 25 discs. Two weeks ago I bought a couple of spindles of 10 discs and now I get 98 and 99 only, but around 3,5 GB there is a small PIE hill of 20s. Same burner and same FW so definitely different batch of media.

Well heres the 4th disc I burned from that same spindle, even slighty BETTER than the first scan I posted, not by much (lol).Damn the 1620 and these TY are a match made in heaven, I didnt get a better burn in the other drives I had with this media, but they were still good.
BTW, to the people worried about getting a 97% or so with these discs, I got a 98 and 97 with the others I burned,(of course they werent burned in the 1620!) so its normal.
Frankly everyone who isnt satisfied with a 90%-95% scan result should just be happy, they are perfectly fine. Heck youll find even a 70% will play fine with no skips and still last as long.

I have had 3 spindles of TY02 50 pck…2 sony and one fuji branded…batch 01149, 01133 x2…there is some variance for sure…I usually can only get 97 if I burn at 12x(no 99’s for me on TY02)

I also have Nforce 3 chipset…I am using ms ide drivers not nvidia drivers…I found a couple months go with testing I got slightly better burns with ms ide drivers on P9 fw

I think the nforce chipset maybe :confused: a part of the issue…and part media batch variation

I tried burns overclocked and no overclock…I got better burns by small amount overclocked

Overclocking wont help anything. Youre CPU is fast enough. It just depends on the spindle you get.