My First Tests, please review!

Ok I need some feedback!

#1 These are the DVDs I used to burn. I have a lot of these, are they all coasters? The scores seem low. Please enlighten me!

#2 These are the DVDs I now burn. How good/bad are these. Room for improvement?

#3 Here’s a random one. The score was 97% before it went to 0 at the end. What could have done this? Will this DVD even work? What should I expect?

EDIT: I just watched the last chapter of this DVD (Citizen Kane), and it worked fine. Not sure what the deal is.

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There is most likely no need to move your post. Alot of people post threads like these in this part of the forum.

Don’t ask us if these are coasters as you need to find this out for your self.

I can tell you that your last scan is bad at the end and might be unreadable. Your second scan is by far the best (an excellent scan), the first scan could be better as PIF totals are High.

Here is what you should look for where dvd playability is concerned.

PIE Max should be under 280
PIF Max should be under 16
And there should be NO PO Failures
(Max Jitter under 12% is also considered good)

To check if the discs are readable do a transfer rate test (click benchmark tab then start), if the test completes without any errors then they are fully readable. But drops in the read speed (not a smooth curve on the graph) might cause problems for your dvd players.

Make sure that when you run a transfer rate test Not to use your PC whilst it is running as this may affect the speed and give skewed results.

Post the results on here the same as you have done with your quality scans.

Thanks for all the information. I did come across an ERROR on #3.


Then it stopped.

I have one more question. If I put the data from the DVD’s that get low/decent scores back unto my HDD and then burn them again using the better method I am using to burn them - will that fix it? Will the scans be highly successful? I hope this makes sense.

Let’s say I have a DVD that with 30 PIF Max, could I put that DVD back unto my HDD and burn it again and say it comes out with 10 or less PIF Max?

By the way, is 13% Max Jitter too high?

And what does something like this mean?

As long as the data is intact and can be copied from your discs correctly then yes that will be fine. Its not your data that you are scanning, its the quality of the disc. So as long as you get your data back intact it shouldnt have any impact on re-burning it to another dvd. (So if you burnt a poor dvd with a high max pif and re-burnt it to a high quality dvd like taiyo yuden, you will get much better scores. This is completely dependent on the quality of your blank media though)

This error: “ERROR - UNRECOVERED READ ERROR (031100)” shows that part of your disc has become so bad that its unreadable. Which also means that your data will not be able to be copied back to your hard drive without information missing.

I personally have only found dvds with a jitter score higher than 15% give me trouble. 13% will most likely not cause any problems. The main cause of dvd reading problems are PIF’s and POF’s.

That shows a good enough transfer rate graph (you are looking for the green line to be a smooth curve). The small dips at the end should really mean anything, it looks as though you must have been doing something on your pc whilst the test was running, or it might have been caused by anti-virus software. If the read speed was going to fall because of errors the dips would be much larger.

Whenever I want to transfer data off a bad disc to be reburned on better media I first do a scandisc using Nero CD-DVD speed. If it’s 100% green I re-rip then re-burn.

Your first batch of media should be fine, as long as you don’t burn past the 4.0gb mark. It looks like they are bad at the outer ring. Are there any visible dye problems or pits with the actual media? It is very unusual to have a bad batch of mcc04, but not impossible.