My First Taiyo Yuden That's 48X CDR Cakebox

I just bought a cakebox of Taiyo Yuden 50 discs 48X CDR That’s brand made in Japan. After so much discussion about this brand, I’ve decided to plunge deep into my wallet to get a taste. Ridiculously expensive at, after loose conversion, using today’s rate US$28.00 or £15.10. Can I confirm to those who have bought, are any of you paying lesser than me? Thanks!

Whoa! Where did you get this. I’ll assume in Singapore.
Cause I can’t find “That’s CDR” brand anywhere anymore.

I saw at a comp shop here Verbatim 48X in a definite Taiyo Yuden 50 disk cakebox

Hi! Limbrooke,
Yes, I’m writing from Singapore. It’s the last box on the shelf when I bought it. Can you estimate, have I overpaid for the discs? Thanks! Browse to this page at the far right end of the page. You should see the That’s CDR.

$28 for 50 seems high. I just ordered 100 for $32.50 including shipping.

this is how i see it:

you could have bought some crappy noname media for $15-$20 i guess, which probably would not be readable in a few years. instead you payed $10-$12 dollares more, and not only got good media, but the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about loosing your precious backups before time.

i say even if you payed $50 for a spindle of 50, it was worth it… even knowing that you can get TY dvd+r for less than that :wink:

have a good time with your ty-s. i have 5-6 spindles of Fujifilm TYs. I really love them.

Here in Vancouver, the cheapest I paid for Fuji TY cdr was C$29.95 per cake box of 50 back in April when Staples had them on sale. Regular price ranges from C$34 to over C$40. The other place that I can get TY cdr is through online and a 100 spindle costs C$50 plus shipping. Prices in Canada can never match those in the States because we have to pay the extra 21cents levy for each disc. I’ll second mkteku, just enjoy burning your That’s.

About 2 months ago I got a cakebox maxell cd-r made by TY from
Sams club. I paid about $13 for a 50 pack.

Are the Blue Fuji 50 cakebox still mostly TY???
I never paid more than $2.99USD After rebate for 50 pack of Fuji TY in the past. Best deal was $1.99 after rebate. All made in Japan TY.

Just brought another 100 Ritek 48X Free after rebate from Radioshack.


I just picked up a 50 pc spindle of Fuji 48X CD-R’s from Best Buy for $19.99 and they’re undercover TY’s. I’ve been getting these from Best Buy for the last six month’s and they’ve all been TY’s.

I also read that their 100pc spindle of Fuji 4X DVD-R’s were TY. I didn’t need 100, but figured since I was there what the hey and picked up a 10 pack w/Jewel cases for $16.99. I just checked them and the manufacturer is identified as TYG01, so I guess they’re TY’s as well.

On a somewhat sadder note, the $29.99 15 pc spindle of Fuji 4X DVD+RW turns out to be from Ricoh. Can’t really squak about that either though.

Looks like it pays to keep buying Fuji :bigsmile:

That price on the CD-R’s seemed too good to be true, so I checked my receipt and the girl at Best Buy rang it up as a 50 pk 16X CD-R spindle. :confused:

Oh well, I’m not running back to tell her she rang it up wrong. :bigsmile:

Yeah two of my Fuji 50 packs were from Bestbuy for $1.99AR about 2 years ago. Sadly have not seen deals like that for awhile.
Those Fuji TY are great media no doubt.


All the Fuji’s sold in 50 CD-R cakeboxes in my area are labelled “MIT”, only the 30 CD-R cakeboxes are labelled “MIJ”. Are you sure they’re “undercover” TY’s? I even checked out the center hub of the 50 CD-R’s, TY’s are frosted, the MIT Fuji’s were clear (picked up this tip from another thread, thanks to whoever posted it). In my area (DC Metro area) it seems that TY’s can only be bought in 30 CD-R cakeboxes. Gone are the good ol’ days when you can go to BB and pick up a 50 or 100 bundle of Fuji’s and are assured that they were TY’s.


you can get a cakebox of 100 CD-R 48x (Verbatim Pastel Disc), which are definitely Tayo Yuden fpr 27.99€ including shipping at :slight_smile:

But nevertheless, TY is worth much more.