My First stupid question

hi every one! here comes one of my stupid questions.:bigsmile:
My friend bought a Rosetta stone spanish level 3 v.1.4.2.A afew month ago. he studdied up to Unit 5 I guess and it was like this was as much as he could because he hasn’t used it for like a month now. He agreed to give it to me for 80$ but I’m not gonna pay more than 50.:smiley: anyway I decided to make a copy of it for the time being. I scanned the language disc using A-Ray and it tuns out that it’s a safe disc. so I used magic iso maker to take an iso image. this worked and the image works fine a virtual drive I made with Alcohol120%. the problem is when I burn it on a cd. It dosn’t work on my suzuki, ASUS, and LG readers. I tried burning it on ASUS, SUZUKI, LG but I get the same result it do’snt work. I mean shouldn’t it work on an actual cd if it works on a virtual drive:doh:???I used Alcohol120%, blindwrite, image burn, cdrwin, Nero complex evolution with no use. can you help me with this?:slight_smile:

I’m thinking that unfortunately we can’t, because you don’t own the CD. :frowning:

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