My first stupid newbee question...:)

I’m doing a lot of reading here and have found a wealth of freeware tools that do many different things, but one thing is still eluding me.

If I use DVDdecrypter to make an ISO, stripping CSS, MV, etc, what other freeware tool (if any) can take the ISO file and transcode it to fit on one disc?

Is the ISO feature that new to DVD authoring/burning?

I’m trying to stay with freeware, though I know I can just get Nero and AnyDVD to do what I want…if I am missing it, just point me in the right direction.

If you rip a DVD using the .ISO method, you can burn the .ISO to a blank DVD using DVD Decrypter. Go to Mode and then Write, and you can browse for the .ISO you want to burn from there.

Note: DVD Decrypter will only burn an .ISO of 4GB or less

Yes, thats the problem…if I make an ISO thats bigger than the 4gb limit, I need to recode it down to fit.

Can DVDdecrypter transcode it as its making the ISO?

I found this too…

Can Nero import a DVD ISO so it can be recoded?

If I read that right, DVDshrink can open DVD ISO files and shrink them to fit…two great freeware tools!

I’m not sure about DVD Shrink. I swear by DVD Decrypter and Pinnacle Instant Copy - a great duo!

DVD’s over 4GB (dual layered) can be ripped with DVD Decrypter and then burnt with Instant Copy, producing fantastic results. Even better still, use Nero Recode to transcode and burn - Nero fits more onto the disc, but Nero is more expensive.

You have to rip the DVD in a different way if you’re backing up dual layered DVD’s. Go to Mode and then File. Make sure that all of the files are selected, choose where you want to create the image and then Decrypt.

When it has finished you can open up Instant Copy. Ensure that the source drive is the Hard Disc and the destination drive is your Burner and click start. You then browse to where you created the image and open the VIDEO_TS file which will open the image in Instant Copy.

I prefer to use this method as you can chosse what tracks to keep i.e. extras, trailers etc. Have play around with it for a while and familiarise yourself with it’s options.

Remember: The more extras, trailers, audio tracks etc. you get rid of, the more space you will have available for the main movie. I burn discs with all the extras that are relative to the movie.

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I have the Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD 8 and am not using it at the moment as I couldn’t find a way to get it to recognize ISO images of any kind…can it recognize/import any ISOs?

Can it also transcode at all?

It does everything that you’ll need to back up your DVD’s. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find a program that will resize an .ISO. Try the method I explained and let me know how you get on.

I made the mistake of installing Pinnacle …FUBARed my system, now I need to reinstal Windows. :Z

I’m just going to buy Nero and use DVDdecrypter with it…seems like the best setup for my needs as I also need DVD authoring for video editing.

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I really don’t need to buy Nero right now, I have a valid Nero 5.5.x key and also my Sony DVD burner came with Veritas RecordNow DX…either could do with DVDdecrypter and DVDshrink.

What did pinnacle do to your system?

Made it unstable…its like Roxio, once its installed, the only way to remove it is a clean setup of Windows.:Z

Sorry mate. I haven’t had a problem with Pinnacle before. I’ve only got Instant Copy though, none of their other programs.

Its the typical packet-writing problem I think…Instant Write messes up a lot of other apps.