My first scans. Can you help interpret?

CD media: Taiyo Yuden white top from
Mitsumi CR-48XETE CD burner.

I burned at 8x and scanned at 4x.

I want the best possible quality. For audio mastering. Thank you.


I think your Mitsumi drive is not reporting errors in a useful way, as the C1 count is very low. If your burning audio CD-R, then a drive which can report Jitter might be more useful to evaluate potential write quality.

As far as i remember nero cd-dvd speed cant burn audio cd’s, and as TL0 said, you’ll need a benq or plextor drive that is capable of reporting jitter, or a nec (no jitter for nec).

Thanks guys, I thought C1 seemed too low.

Forum user DrageMester also suggests an NEC. The NEC Optiarc AD-7170A (Sony AW-G170A) from a fairly small list of drives I have available to me at my local retailer.

How is it that an NEC drive has no jitter?

Again, thanks for looking and helping. :bow:

Many drives don’t support scanning at all, and many of the drives that do support scanning have some limitation in what they can report. For the Sony NEC Optiarc drives there is no reporting of jitter (and no reporting of Parity Outer Failures for DVDs).

OK, lol.
I thought he meant I would want a drive that reports jitter. Or an NEC that is jitter-free. :o
But now I see he meant that an NEC reports al data except jitter.