My first scan!

:slight_smile: Does this look right? I know it’s not perfect, but am I doing it right? I did burn it at 8x speed. Thanks

It’s not great, but it’s a serviceable result. NECs aren’t the best scanners, their PI levels are usually inaccurate but their reported PIF levels are usually relatively close. You may want to scan again at 5x, the results are sometimes more accurate at 5x with NECs, sometimes 8x - they are odd drives when scanning.

Well I was thinking if i burned it at 8x then scan at 8x. What I did was click on disc quality, and click up top start. Here is the same backup with a burn I did about a week ago with some opto. If these are close to correct I will try the same when I get my Ty media sometime this week. I might as well keep it the same untill I get the Ty just to see if there is a difference. Then try the 5x.

I am shocked :eek: to see that you burned at 8x on CMC Mags (Media ID) and received a PiPo Scan of 93% quality :confused:

Are you suggesting that it’s a particularly bad result then, or a good one? As CMC E01 usually burns much better than that.

BTW wheelz, burn speed plays no factor in what speed you should test the discs at.

Ok thanks. Here is the opto at 5x.

Wait for a few months and then scan this disc again. I’m sure the results will be much worse.

Thats a confidence builder.:sad: :sad:

Sounds like you’ve been burned by unstable Optodisc. :frowning: I’ve had the same experience with older Optodisc, although newer +R Optodisc has worked fine for me.


I’ve had the same experience with older Optodisc, although newer +R Optodisc has worked fine for me.

They had their chance. I even had a disc that was even brown! No more Optodisc for me and my DVD burners.

Yeah I guess it doesn’t pay to save 4 dollars on a 50 pack( newegg samsung crapola). Especially all the time an effort involved your gonna want something that will last. I’m learning slowly but surely.:slight_smile:

I also swore off Optodisc after nothing but problems with early media, my more recent re-introduction to them was unintentional (media purchased without knowledge of their media code). To my suprise, they burned very well, many of them producing scans that could be mistaken for T02 :eek: (QS’s of 98-99, PIF totals under 100-200). I’ve bought a few more spindles from a couple other brands and most have burned well, although I have definitely experienced alot of fluctuation in quality from batch to batch. Two spindles from one cheap brand were approaching coaster level towards the edge, while another spindle from that same brand burned extremely well. Stability has not been an issue (yet anyway…), although I don’t put anything important on them after being burned the first time around. I think they are one manufacturer of media that has very clear ‘grades’ of media, some of their cheaper branded media is poor but if you ever check the drive tests by CDFreaks they appear to get high quality Optodisc.

Enough wandering off topic for me, I just wanted to input what I’ve seen with newer Optodisc. I would say I’m more or less neutral on their newer media but I’ll always have some doubt in their media after severe issues with early media. Like alot of other brands, they have potential to work very well but also have their problems.

Well I got my Ty order in from Rima finially.