My first scan (newbie) some issues - weird graph

i just done my first few scans and like you see there is this “problem area” in the beginning of the charts… not just with this scan but all my scans so far look EXACTLY like this. what could cause such a “outbreak”?

  • i burned with 8x and 16x time speed (no big difference)
  • i have some software running in background most of the time…
  • my benq drive is on the 2nd ( SLAVE ) slot
  • qsuite is set on default (SB / WPOC both on)

i won’t ask if i get better burns with SB / WPOC turned on/off cause i figure i just have to test it out…

-is the quality check that i done the only test i should do for my media ?
-i read in this forum that benq 1650 and 1655 are hard to find is that right?
-are there any downsides to those drives?
-i also read at this time, CDSpeed only checks C2 errors on most drives. but in my case it checks c1 and c2 so maybe its just a misunderstanding…
-and finally i’m wondering why so many ppl have so many drives (up to 10 drives for a single person) …

You have an acceptable scan , despite PIEs between 0.4 & 0.8gb.

I usually burn my MCC004 at 12x on my 1650 (& my other drives) & apart from the rise in PIEs at the start would get similar scans.

I think that SB is not on for known media as a default but I keep mine on as do many others. If yours is off for known media try with it on.

Some people had issues with the BCHC firmware version so I never updated mine from BCFC. You could try BCIC which might suit better for you.

You could also try a transfer rate test (TRT) which should be a nice smooth graph.

Overall that’s not a bad scan. You also need to do a Transfer Rate Test to ensure that the burn is readable.

The downside to Benq drives is Benq drives will probably not have very much firmware support anymore since they handed their optical drives division over to Lite-On.

As far as # of of burners for some people…come on now, we’re [B]FREAKS![/B]

I agree with what the others have said - that’s not a bad scan at all! A TRT on the BenQ would be good to see as well, though :iagree:

I tend to use BCDC firmware on both my 1650s, although I haven’t tried anything later than that.

As for SB - I leave mine on for both known and unknown media, but as you say a little experimenting never hurts :wink:

And…I just can’t resist a good burner :o

I have had 2 “50” cake packs of Verbatims that burned with the same PIE spike on all my burners.

Besides the fact that it may look bad I have never had any problems with those discs.

Is this media Made in India?

You might be addressing the OP but seeing mine looked similar I will respond :slight_smile:

Mine were all CMC made…

EDIT: seeing I am at work and can’t post more here is just one scan of many that had the similar PIE spike.

There is nothing wrong at all and the graph is not weird. You have a good burn there which is very well within spec.

The jitter is also good.

problem solved - i only tried verbatim dvd+ so far. so i tried a " - " this time with 12x and there’s no trouble this time around. so i just got a bad spindel with the + . to my surprise those 50 piece spindels mcc verbs cost me only 14 euro + shipping (would have thought quality media is more expensive)

followup question: so now i can burn them properly but how about storage- i have the dvds in a dark place. but does it matter how the discs are positioned ? upright or laying or in spindels ? i don’t have any particular system how to store them. just throw them in there…

My 1640 burns MCC004 (MII) best with SB enabled for known discs, and WOPC off. Both PiF and PiE is lower with WOPC off. Of course this is just my personal experience and yours might be different. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t notice that the WOPC off scan was smaller, I’ll see if I can find a better example.

Hey Qyngali, might try those settings with my own 1640 :wink:

Cool looking graphs ya got there too :wink:

Yeah I tried different colours for hours and hours aiming for perfection. I settled for these. :wink:

I forgot about 16x scans too, getting old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: :doh: I really messed up this one, no 16x of both discs of course. First one 16x, and the other 12x. :rolleyes:

All hail the Q. :stuck_out_tongue:

As you’ve not burned the +R at 12x , or so it seems , it’s not fair to compare & state a bad spindle.

There’s nothing much wrong with the scan of the +R and these do burn very well at 12x.

If anything, the +R burn you posted is the better of the two IMO.

it probably is - my concern was only that one spike from my 1st scans whether it was some kind of defect… so in that regard the problem is solved.

so i’M just starting out with scans so next days i will do some compare work with different settings

if you referring to me : i have no idea.
i know i bought them in luxembourg thats where benq has a huge settlement in europe i read. are those made in india fake ? if so how can i verify ?

before the benq drive i had a liteon 166s drive but i sold it FOR SOME REASON (can’ t recall it now) - i know it had something to do with the quality scans - somebody in some forum told me it was only good for TRT and NO quality scans (or something like that) but now i found some quality scans i had made with the liteon before i had sold it - so I’m confused. what’s the deal with the liteon can someone tell ?

bottom line : which drive (benq vs liteon) is preferable for quality scans ?

Indian made Verbatim is not fake, just not held in as high esteem as the Singapore and Taiwanese versions (at least around here).

Lite-on drives are very good for quality scans. In a recent comparison here at cdfreaks, they were generally preferred over the BenQ drives. There is a program specifically written for Lite-on drives for quality testing called Kprobe.

you can tell where the media is manufactured since it’s printed on the packaging: Made In India (or Taiwan, or China etc.)

the dvdr- is made in india unfortunately (the dvdr+ i threw away the label) but for the price its absolutely ok.

the kprobe i know about because thats the program i made my old scans with a year ago. just trying to figure out why i sold it if it is so good …:frowning: