My first scan. can u help me intepret it?

I have burnt a few dozens of this Ritek G05 DVD-R disks so far.
But i recently upgraded my PC to WinXP and found problems with
burning. had to go back to WinXP SP1 for DVD shrink (or my Nero6.0)
to work again. but even now… half the disks are showing up
as bad discs in my Apex/KLH 1220 DVD player… else they have pixelations.
and freeze/jumps at regular intervals.
all discs are 8x disks… but burnt using dvd shrink at 4x (minimum) speeds

After reading this forum, it looks like instead of Ritek, i should’ve bought
TY media. and the + kind. so thats my next purchase… but in the meantime
I still have a bunch of DVD-Rs to burn with my DW-D18A (with VS0B firmware… so now it shows up as Sony DRU 700A.

This is the latest probe results. can someone comment on how it looks and what I should be looking for in these scans as trouble spots.?

and this is one of the previous movies that i burnt with WinXP2 that is
reported as bad disc by my DVD player… which usually plays anything
given to it.

After reading this forum, it looks like instead of Ritek, i should’ve bought
TY media. and the + kind. so thats my next purchase…

yes, or ricoh stay away from ritek

Set speed for Kprobe to 4x speed.
Rescan the dvd disc, the results should be better, Most people scan at 4x speed.

will do that tonight.
also… i just realised i am getting bad discs after i upgraded firmware to VS0B.
maybe tonight i will go back to VYS2 that came with the DW-D18A drive.

It’s not that you need TY, it’s just these burners can’t handle -R properly.
Or maybe if you’re really lucky, I’m not and that’s why I’m now stuck with 80 dvd-r.
Ritek isnt bad as long as it’s +R, like RICOHJPRN01 (used by Memorex, Traxdata, Verbatim etc).
I wouldnt go back to the original firmware, you could also try Omnipatcher (see sticky).


i just bought 100 pack of rigtek G05 DVD-R!!! And its coming in mail today!!! What should i do? Ill burn couple see how they are, otherwise ill have to exchange them since theres 60 day money back warranty, if im not happy with the media!!!
anyways good luck

The spikes in the PIF graph might be buffer underruns, so you should look at the buffer fill state in nero while burning. If you get underuns, check that DMA is enabled on the source harddisk und the burner, put the harddisk on burner on different ide channels, disable virus scanning on the source directory, use standard microsoft ide drives instead of motherboard specific drivers, defrag the source drive, remove intel accelerator drivers, remove any packet writing software.
For SP2 you have to update nero to at least, current version is

ok. rescanned the movie using 4x. still doesn’t look like it is as good as it should be. (have ordered some TY02 8x discs and Samsung (TY01) 4x discs today.
hopefully will have better results with them)
DMA: According to Nero InfoTool, my harddrive is on primary IDE with DMA On
both of my source DVD-ROM drive and destination DVD-ROM drive are on secondary IDE drive and both drives have DMA on. Are u suggesting that it is better if i separate the 2 dvd drives also ?
I presume I am using MS ide drives… but not sure how to verify that. so
including that nero info tool info also.

Another thing regarding firmware.
This was a Sony DW-D18A drive with VYS2 firmware.
I used LtnFW to upgrade the firmware to VS0B.
However, when i used LtnFW to compare the drive with the VS0B binary
file that i downloaed from this site… it says “Error: offset 0x05BA is different”
is there something wrong with my firmware ?
I didn’t update boot code when i burnt the firmware… as i read it was
not necessary.

Since i have Nero 6.0, i went to WinXP SP1.
want to make sure everything works fine first… before spending the moeny to buy

will disable virus scan / defrag source hard drive before next time i burn.
thanks for your feedback so far. any further info to verify will be much appreciated. unless the conclusion after this new data is - switch to +r discs :wink:

Nice scan you got there. :wink: Sure PI´s are a bit high, but I think this disc will play well on your standalone player.

Nice of you to provide textfile from NeroInfoTool. Very informative. Thanks.

  • Now your DVDRW is connected as slave on sec.IDE-channel. I would put it as master.
  • Why do you have Roxio DirectCD installed together with Nero? Roxio and Ahead are no goog friends, not on the same partition. Remove DirectCD.
  • System ASPI. Now you have a mix with 4.71 as leader… Download “forceaspi” , kill your present layer and install aspi 4.60.
    Finaly; yeah, some other media would be nice… :slight_smile:

Yes the difference is because of the boot code option. You should use the firmware on my site, with a built in flasher. It will update the boot code for you and it is much easier and safer to use. :wink:

ok. so i installed ASPI 4.6.

Is the boot code update needed ? someone else said it is not required .
In the website u suggested, I don’t see DW-D18A… but since
it is also a rebadged SOHC 832, and it burnt VS0B properly… i presume,
I can take the firmware listed under Sony 700A which says

Sony DRU-700A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-832S)
• VY05 - patched - enabled bitsetting support (old)
• VY06 - stock - unscrambled (stock VY06 has bitsetting support)
• CG3B - patched - improved +R burn quality (Sony ID for OEM software compatibility)
is that what i need ?
when i tried to run that .exe and clicked on update… it said
your firmware is already the latest… do u wish to proceed… i said no.

should i redo it. what will i gain ?

If you want to stay as a stock Sony drive you can use the VY06. CG3B is VS0B, which has been patched to improve +R burn quality and is based on VS0B, so you also get the red burn light and orange buffer underrun/recalibrate light.

Whichever you choose, you should select yes at the “your firmware is the latest” prompt.