My First +R Burn

Well after disapointing results with various -R medias in my 812 I decided to pay a bit extra and try a +R disk. So I bought a Verbatim 8x +R disk (80p! :eek:). I used stock US0N firmware but with auto-bitsetting. I can’t say I’m overly impressed. The scans are acceptable but I definately expected better. Also I only bought 1 disk so I can’t test if I get the same results a 2nd time.

Is my drive knackered? :frowning:

hey hans… not a lot of people have had super results with verbatim MCC03. Try the 4x ones and burn those at 8x. If I get killer results in my 811, can hardly imagine what u’d get in ur 812.
On top of that, u can get 25 for £15.99 from HERE

I just bought that disk as I was stocking up on G04s, so they should last me a while, but I’ll give those 4x disks a try when I run out of these. I wouldn’t mind trying some of those Ricoh disks but i can only find them in packs of 25, and only online. No decent stores around me at all for media so I have to get it all online.

altho its ricoh, I haven’t had the super results so many others have had with ricoh at 8x. Its pretty outstanding at 4x, but 8x spikes very hard (but that’s on an 811)
If u want to buy them singly, u can try a printable mcc02 from svp for 69p.

that’s where i just got my dvds from, should have stuck a 4x verb in my trolley aswell :slight_smile:

I do actually get good results with the datawrite greys, it’s just they had sold out and it was a cheap shipping weekend.

In comparison here is a 27p Ritek G04 (admitedly only at 4x), still one of the best disks around.

ur lucky. My last batch of g04 was properly whack. burnt about 5, 4 of em crc on me. Gonna have to try and test out a 166 or a combo drive to see if it can get past the crcs. The other one has a kprobe similar to urs. And yes, it was high grade stuff from datasafe. I’m thru with all ritek brands for now. I used to swear by em n get the best results of my burning life (well, for that price), but I’m shying away for a while. didn’t think that the widely discussed fall in ritek quality affected the ‘premium’ brands as well.

I found Arita (Ritek) G04 discs were flakey on my NEC 2500 at 8x, only 40% of the disc was recorded properly. I stick to 4x now with DVD-R, which of the two formats available is the one I have the least confidence in.

“I’m going to count to three…”

I’ve used a few brands of G04s in the past and never had any bad disks, currently these are datawrite yellows. They actually seem to be better disks than the more expensive datasafes.


Have you tried those G04s at 8x using the method that rdgrimes used? (switch RITEKG04 to use the MXL RG02 write strategy and then bump MXL RG02’s speed descriptor to 8x?) It would be interested to see those results. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t, but now you mention I’ll give it a go… if I can remember how to use my hex editor :slight_smile:

hex editor? just run the new omnipatcher

the omnipatcher’s strategy replacements only seems to affect +R media, unless I’m missing something

yep I am missing something, readmes are there for a reason :smiley:


Well I gave it a go, with pretty positive results.

For this first disk I made a bit of a hash at hex editting the bios myself, but I think it was using the MXL G02 strategy. If it was or it wasn’t, the results seem pretty good to me compared to my previous attempts at burning G04s at 8x with the G05 write strategy.

Then onto the 2nd disk, for this one I worked out how to use Omnipatcher properly ;), even so it should be using the same strategy as before, just implemented in a little less DIY manner :D. Again good results, and without the big spikey bit at the start of the previous disk.

Both disks played back flawlessy on my Pioneer DVD player. What more can be said, looks like the G04s finally write at 8x on a LiteOn :smiley: