My First PX-716a To RMA. Try Again or Sell on eBay?

After formatting a Verbatim 2X CD-RW (originally included with my PlexWriter 4/2/20), my PX-716a had problems recognizing most burnt CD-R media. The same “problematic” CD-R could be easily recognized in my Philips/BenQ DROM6016/44 DVD-ROM drive. Did the self-diagnostic on the Plextor and it failed with Fuji Branded Taiyo Yuden and didn’t even complete the self-diagnostic with the Fuji branded Prodisc. So I received an RMA request today and will be promptly shipping out the PX-716a tomorrow.

Now, should I give the replacement PX-716a another chance or purchase a new drive if I happen to sell my RMA replacement on eBay? All I really want is a reliable DVD-R/CD-R recordable drive that has high media compatibility support for writing and can read bad media if I need to. I always burn at low speeds. I have about 350 blank TYG03 DVD-Rs so I’d like a reliable burner for that type of media. Any suggestions?

By the way, the PX-716a I plan to RMA is TLA# 0304. I flashed the firmware to 1.08 and then 1.09. The drive was manufactured in China on or around February 2005.

if you have really good ty media, 716a would work. for the compatability, benq has been very nice but i cannot say benq drives are reliable as my 1620 & 1640 have been ramed more than once (better than 716a)

my friend’s lg 4167b has been very reliable; he burns around 10 to 20 dvds a day & he has been using this drive for over 3 months without a problem. only problem with lg is that you cannot do any quality scans as far as i know

if you are in us, sells 4167b for less than 60usd, but i think you can find it cheaper; it also supports 5x dvd ram + very fast

I had to RMA my first 716A after less than one year, too, but my 2nd one works really well, at least at the moment. :bigsmile:

Mine failed at 11 months! Waiting for a replacement!

According to the USPS deliverly confirmation, it looks like Plextor America received my drive today. It should be about a week or so before I get my replacement drive.

Let’s see…depending on the TLA# and the location manufactured (I saw a post claiming someone’s replacement was made in Japan…odd) I may keep the drive because I do like Plextor’s customer service. Plus, $5.00 and a couple of weeks worth of my time waiting is really cheap for a new drive.

Now, I have been looking at some other drives:
BenQ DW1655
Pioneer DVR-110D (I plan on flashing the firmware) or
LG GSA-4167B

I want reliable, low error count DVD±R/CD-R burns, ability to read damaged discs (physically damaged or poorly burned), and from what you may have experienced or heard, the drive will last…any suggestions?

Me too! I hope I get a good one! 11 months sucks for a drive that is double or more the cost of any drive on the market!

OK! Got a 0308 RMA Oct 2005 MIC with a black face plate! Wow! Very nice indeed!

I received a TLA# 0308 manufactured September 2005 with a black face plate. Took only six days from when I shipped to when I received the package. Great turn around time on the RMA. Still, I don’t feel comfortable in giving the new drive a try. I think I’ll be putting it up on eBay today. Are you going to give your replacement drive a try, etp?

You don’t think the new drive will work?

With the amount of problems people have been having with this drive, I really don’t care if the new drive does or doesn’t work. It’s already up on eBay anyway.

Works fine! It should last 11 months like my old one did! LOL

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