My first post - Need some guideance

Hi all, just downloaded DVD Fab Plat today, all is going well so far.

I just have one question though. I used the DVD to IPOD conversion to see how it would go, the conversion went fine, but I ended up with English subtitles on the bottom of the picture. How do I get rid of these or stop themn from showing up. I had a quick search through the forum but could not find anything as yet.

Hopefully, someone will point me in the right direction. By the way, The movie I converted is “The New World” it is in English, but is showing English subtitles.

Thanks in advance

If you look towards the bottom of the screen where you are selecting bitrate etc (2nd screen I think, cannot check as I am in the middle of running a conversion) it shows all the subtitles available on the disk, if you dont want them to display on your movie simply make sure they are all unchecked.

Hope that helps

Okay have just finished my conversion and the area you want is on the first screen in the lower right hand corner and has sub picture and language, just untick any subs that are ticked and that should sort it for you.

OK, got it, I just need to look harder. Thanks for that. One other oddity I have noticed, maybe it is my PC. I notice that when the preview window is playing the movie, there is no sound. When looking at the same movie in the preview menu of DVD Shrink, I have sound. Is this some other tpe od seeting or option that needs checking/unchecking.

Thanks for the answer above, it did the trick.

It’s not your pc. The feature to add audio to the preview window has been requested and I think, is in the works by Fengtao. If you’re interested, take a look at this link on or about post #68 by ZacWolf