My first post...copying DVD movies



:bigsmile: OK…you guys are probably saying “…oh no, another Newbie with a basic question”. You’re right!! But please bare with me…thanks in advance.

I used to use DVD X Copy to copy DVD movies…it was very simple and straight forward…did a pretty good job too. However, it’s out of date and I’m looking for new software to do this.

I’ve heard DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and a couple others mentioned. Could someone give me their opinion on the best, and easiest, free software to copy DVD movies (and overcome copyright issues). I’m familiar with the process…just not the latest software.

Thanks a bunch!



Ripit4me is probably considered one of the best freeware tools for dvd backups. DvdFab Decrypter is also good for removing protections. You should also add a copy of ImgBurn to your collection just for burning. When it comes to compression quality IMO Dvd Rebuilder and the included HC encoder blows Dvd Shrink out of the water. You get get them all over at


OK…great info…thanks!! However, I’m not sure what to do from here. I’ve used RipIt4Me and now I have a couple of Video_TS files and a bunch of other Video files…do I need to “build” and ISO file with ImgBurn? Do I select all the files to do that? Not sure what to do from here?



Yes ,you can use IMGburn to build an ISO of your VIDEO_TS folder, or you can just burn those bunch of other video files (your words) in the VIDEO_TS folder…those are the movie files…


I used to use DVD X Copy also but now use DVDFAB Platinum a truely one step program to back up movies, it will do it all, you can d/l it and try it free for 30 days, thats my choice as I also have three other programs and I like FAB best because it is simple to use and a 1 click program really to burn movies, But of course everybody on here will tell you the one they use is the best. But it’s not free just don’t see why people don’t want to pay for the good software as the authors have to eat also


DVD Shrink with Nero Burning ROM would be the easiest procedure to be used for copying DVD movies, also DVD Decrypter you can use fro both ripping and writing the ripped file.



  1. DVD Fab Decrypter + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn
  2. RipIt4Me + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn