My first Plextor...some questions:



A friend of mine had a Plextor PX-716UF. He bought a new computer with an internal DVD burner, and gave (yes, gave!) me the 716. However, he could not find anything that came with it, except for the power adapter.

I had no trouble being able to use the drive as a reader (haven’t tried writing anything yet). I know I am missing PlexTools, I don’t know what else (if anything) I am missing, is there any other software or anything else that came with it?

Through the Plextor website, I obtained a firmware update to 1.08 (I believe the drive had 1.04 before I updated it). Also through the Plextor website I got to the PlexTools website, where I downloaded the PlexTools Pro XL 3.02 trial version, as well as the PlexTools Pro 2.25 update. I found out that the Pro (non-XL) update was just that, an update, and is completely useless without having the original PlexTools installed that came with the drive. So, my next question is, how can I get a copy of all the software that originally came with the drive? I couldn’t find any way to do this from the Plextor or PlexTools websites.

I have been playing around with the PT Pro XL trial in the meantime, and have a few questions:

  1. I can’t seem to find any option to write an ID3 tag to encoded MP3s (using the LAME encoder), is this possible?

  2. Using the same quality settings (VBR, with quality slider set to highest of 0, minimum bitrate at 192 and max at 320), am I likely to get a higher-quality (better-sounding) MP3 using PlexTools or Exact Audio Copy? What if the disc is moderately or heavily scratched?

Thanks for any help you can provide! :slight_smile:


Another question: Is this drive better with +R or -R discs, or is there absolutely no difference?


welcome to CDFreaks and congrats on your free burner…

to write ID3 tags, just right click on the track and choose MP3 ID3v1 Tag…

regarding rip quality, Plextools and EAC will encode nearly identically since they both use the LAME encoder…it’s the error correction that differs…

while EAC has securerip (cross-checking bits with an online database), plextools error correction is commonly considered on par or better due to the retries, read slowdowns and correction methods…given a heavily scratched disc, i’d choose plextools…

good luck with your new drive! let us know how your burns/ripping/reading are going… :smiley:

oh yeah, and in my experiences with two 716As (internal IDE versions), i believe this drive prefers +R media (try and stick with high quality stuff like Taiyo Yuden in the form of made in Japan Fuji, Sony, TDK and/or Verbatim)…and personally i find no redeeming value to using -R media to begin with (:stuck_out_tongue: to all the dash media fanbois :wink: :flower: )


Request replacement software cd:>Americas->Support->Warranty & RMAs -> link to form below Missing or Damaged items:

716UF included Roxio 7, DVD Max Player, Plextools Pro

Enjoy the new burner,



other than Plextools, you really don’t need the other bundled software (but are of course free to request it if you do want it)…

never installed Roxio on my systems since it blows donkey nuts and you can play DVDs with the free Media Player Classic…


I’ve noticed that EAC uses a hell of a lot of memory.

I have EAC and PlexTools Pro XL 3.04 running right now. They are both ripping (EAC is ripping from an internal Toshiba 1612 drive). EAC is using around 14.5MB to 15.5MB of memory, while PTPXL is using only about 6MB of memory.

On the other hand, PTPXL is using between 65% to 80% of the CPU cycles, with EAC and lame.exe making up the bulk of the remainder. I’m sure that if I were only using one program at a time, either would be at or near 100% most or all of the time. Not that it matters in practical terms, but I wonder why PTPXL gets allocated…or claims?..the vast majority of the processing power. And also why EAC uses up so much memory.


JJR512 since, judging from your post, you’re using both apps at the same time it’s impossible to say why one app claims more CPU power over another app. Both EAC and PlexTools will probably take up all of your CPU power when you’re running them separately since encoding MP3’s simply uses your CPU power. I don’t know why EAC uses more of your RAM but, personally, I consider 15MB to be minor. Most computers nowadays have 512MB or 1GB of RAM so a couple of MB’s more or less won’t make any difference. Of course, I don’t know what kind of computer you have…


It’s an older computer, a P3-933 (OC@ 1015), 384MB RAM. But I wasn’t really complaining about how much RAM EAC was using; I was just commenting on how much it uses compared to PlexTools. I’m not sure if a process (like PTPXL.exe, as listed in Task Manager) also includes all the memory/CPU usage of its associated DLLs or not (like lame_enc.dll), but if it does, that makes the difference even bigger because EAC’s encoder is run in a separate process.

I’m not complaining, all I’m saying is it seems strange. PlexTools has a lot more features than EAC, so I’d figure it’d have a larger memory footprint. Perhaps PlexTools is a better-written program than EAC. I just don’t know. It doesn’t matter, I’m just commenting.


I have a quick question here:

Live in Denmark… 716A came with region code (none), did set it myself to region code 2, just selected Denmark, was that the correct? Or should it have stayed with (none) and can I set it as (none) again, if that the correct one? I have 4 changes left, what happens IF I use the rest 4 changes??


Mona1963, you should have installed software like AnyDVD or DVD CSS+Region Free to make your drive region free without having to use up any of the 5 changes quota.

If you don’t use software like AnyDVD, you will be locked at the last region once you have used up all 5 changes.

You could’t have stayed as “none” because you need a region in order to play DVD-Video in software like PowerDVD or WinDVD or even when you shrink it in DVD Shrink. You could, however, have stayed as “none” if you only feed your drive with data discs or region-free DVD-Video discs.

I would suggest AnyDVD. It is not expensive consider that you will have lifetime upgrade+support. It doesn’t only remove region lock, it also removes many other protections like Sony ARccOS. If you make backups of your DVDs a lot, then it would be a good investment. CDFreaks members can also get some discount, I think.

Another way might be using a modified firmware (if any), which will void your drive’s warranty. Not recommended.

If you don’t want to pay for AnyDVD and don’t want to use modified firmware, stay at Region 2 and try not to play other region DVDs. If you often play or make backups of Region 1 discs, you might get a cheap DVD-ROM drive and set it to Region 1.


Hi lordyu,

I will check out the AnyDvd and the other programs, TY!! and great that I havn’t done anything wrong by setting my plextor as region 2…
It is great with, that one like me, a novice, can get some serious help, for that I am forever gratefull!