My first Pioneer - DVR-111D or DVD-112D?

Any opinions on the new Pioneer DVR-112D versus the older DVR-111D?

I plan on buying a Pioneer DVD writer for the first time, as they seem to be highly regarded and I’d like to try one. Previous drives have all been NEC (ND-1100, ND-2500, ND-2510, ND-3500, AD-7170), except for one BenQ DW1650.

I’ve been trying to decide between the proven DVR-111D and the newer DVR-112D. As long as it has a 2MB buffer, operates in UDMA4 mode, does quality writes on Verbatim DVD+R at 16X and also does a good job on Verbatim DVD+R DL at 4X, I don’t care which it is. I do want to decide before the DVR-111D’s disappear from the market, though. I’ll probably buy one or the other in the next week or so.

I think the 112/212 is a fine choice. It’s shaping up to be a worthy successor to the 111, barring any latent PX-716A suicidal tendencies that have yet to manifest.

I have to agree as I have two 112’s and they work flawlessly for me, with CDSpeed I got a disk quality of 98% using Verb’s with both drives. Good luck on your choice

I have a 110 and a 111 in my computer. I get better performance from the 110, especially ripping.

Check out Dee’s review:

anywhere to get this in the us…havent seen any @newegg

Mwave got the retail version of the Pioneer 111D. They also carries the 112D.

@ Blodulv,

NewEgg ( has Pioneer DVR-111D, DVR-112D (IDE), and DVR-212 (SATA) in stock and has had them in stock for a long time.


Actually, all Pioneer drives have been out of stock @ newegg in the last few days.

I would grab a 111 just because they[I] will[/I] disappear. I already have three. I would love another drive, but the 112 has just not shown anything better and a few people have slight problems. Maybe after more firmware I will buy one, but what the heck, they are only $30 so owning both is a real option. Besides, when they inevitably die, you will be glad you have a backup.

FYI - I decided on the DVR-112D. For those who are looking for one, I bought it a few hours ago at for $40.07 USD, shipping included. Now I just have to decide whether to sell my old reliable NEC ND-3500A and maybe the BenQ DW-1650 on eBay or just leave them on the shelf. Actually, both have been excellent drives. Neither one has ever given me any problems at all, so it will be hard to part with either them.

I still have mine and works just like it did when i bought it.

IMO chas0039 has assessed it best especially concerning early 112D problems and likely future firmware fixes. That’s why I’d either await fixes or get the 111D now. Following the same reasoning I’d not consider upgrade to Windows Vista until its early problems are resolved. Actually I got my first 111D around 6 months ago, and I liked it so well I purchased a second for $30 with free shipping from NewEgg about a month ago.

IMO I would just put them on the shelf for awhile and as cheap as burners are getting they might be hard to sell on ebay. I have 2 112’s and both work great for me no problems at all. IMO I think you made a good choice

I got both of mine from both Dec build

I wouldn’t consider upgrading to Vista until I have no other choice. I recently had a week or so of experience with Vista in helping a friend buy and set up a new laptop with Vista pre-installed along with a new printer to use with it. My impression was that Microsoft has managed to completely revamp the user interface to something that they figure will probably appeal to the lowest common denominator and hide every useful function behind some cryptic new nomenclature. Also, while XP will warn you, but not stop you, from installing software or drivers that might not be properly signed, Vista stops you dead and will simply not allow it.

It’s not just resistance to something new, either. It didn’t take me long at all to learn to like XP. Basically, all I had to figure out was how to change XP’s “kindergarten” interface to the more functional “classic” view and XP and I were on the way to being good friends. Right now, I’d just as soon keep Vista at a distance. Besides, I bought two copies of XP for about $160. USD back when. Upgrading to Vista on two systems would set me back at least $350. USD. Who can afford it for the minimal benefits it will provide to most of us?

BTW, we may have to start charging a nominal fee for coherent postings, but off-topic rants like I just posted will always be free. Sorry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not switching to Vista either so your not alone :clap:

Do you like you AD-7170?

Re: the AD-7170, yes I do. I think NEC/Sony/Optiarc had some initial quality control problems as the first one I got couldn’t even read the burns it produced (nor could any of my other drives). The replacement produces excellent burns (consistent Nero CD/DVD Speed Quality Score of 95-98) using Verbatim DataLifePlus 16x DVD+R Media at maximum burn speed and reading the disc in the BenQ 1650. At 16X with good media, it produces slightly better burns than the BenQ at that speed, although they’re about the same at 12X and slower speeds.

The only fault I can find with the AD-7170 is that it’s a bit noisey writing at top speed. Not really a bad noise, though and with little or no vibration. Got to remember, this thing is operating in UDMA4 mode and may be actually writing the Verbatims at 18X. We’ll see how it compares with the new Pioneer DVR-112D.

It should be as good if not better. Have fun with it.