My First Movie DVD


Please forgive me if this is a really stupid question & I read few posts to get some idea & downloaded some necessary software too.

I just got my first video DVD whch is sort of an instructional video DVD for my business…

I want to make a back up copy of it.

I have never ever used a movie DVD or any kind of video DVD before.

I do back up regular data from my hard drive to a 4.7 GB DVD using Sonic software provided by Dell.

This is the first video DVD I played using Roxio CinePlayer.

I know nothing about DVd protection. How do I know if there is a protection on this DVD ?

I have just downloaded the DVDFab Platinum a DVD copying software suggested in this forum.

My questions are :

Can I just copy this DVD using my regular Dell provided Sonic software ?

Can I copy this DVD using DVDFab platinum software & if yes, do I need to remove any kind of protection before I copy ?

Trying to copy this DVD by using either software would hurt the original in any way ? ( This probably might be the stupidest question )

I might have to return this DVD to the vendor if the product with which this DVD came with doesn’t work out for me after 30 Day trial period.

Thank You.