My first kprobe scan



could any of more learned friends take a look at the kprobe scan I have attached below. I am very new to the world of dvd burning and I am not sure how to interpret the results.

My burner is 1663SX external Usb. The media used is a JVC 8X DVD-R which is indentified as a Prodisk F01.

(How do you actually insert the png files into the body of the text box? I could only find a way to do it as an attachment)

Many thanks


The good old IMG trick, that’s hotlinking (a big no no) :slight_smile:

There is a button “manage attachment” below attach files, under additional options if you scroll down below the text box.

Welcome to the world of burning :slight_smile: Been there once, and I must say the information you find on this forum is precious.

As to KPROBE, unfortunately I cannot see your attachment, but as a rule of thumb, the lower the better. max individual PI should remain below 280 (that has nothing to do with the TOTAL) and occasional spikes are no worry. The PIF graph is the one you should pay attention to, individual PIF should not exceed 4 (based on ECC 8/1 scanning). Nonetheless be careful how you interpret results… A disc with PIs higher than 280 can still be readable most of the time, it is the very fussy players that might have trouble - usually PIs over 500 start to be troublesome for some players, and particularly high PIFs, however, a disc that has a poor kprobe scan on your 811S might get a reading within acceptable limits on another writer. The rule of thumb is to use good media, particularly with LITEON drives, which is picky about media. Stick to RICOHJPN and TAYO YUDEN for good burns with your liteon, problem is most media have many brand names and it’s a gamble when you buy them as you do not know whether it is RICOHJPN made or other…


Here’s some threads that you should have a read of: :wink:


Thanks Rimmer and Codeking. I will peruse the threads that you recommended Codeking. Please could you have alook at my scan and give me your opinions of it. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have attaced the file (I hope)


That’s an excellent burn. You should be very happy. :slight_smile:


Thanks Codeking. I now have a benchmark to go by. :slight_smile:
I am quite new to all of this, and I have learnt a lot.


Pretty good scan there for -R media :slight_smile: May I recommend using +R media instead ? You can bitset to DVD-ROM and get much better compatibility with your DVD players (for DVD VIDEO) and faster access with DVD-ROM drives. This is definately a great scan :smiley: