My first (ish) c++ program

Whey… been learning for about 3 days… and have made this program from scratch :cool: very simple… but useful if you want help with circles :stuck_out_tongue:

well done :slight_smile:
C and C++ can be a bit of a bugger to get your head around, but when you’ve got it the you can give snobbish looks to all the VB coders out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello World! err … I have no idea why I said that …

I think my first C++ program was a crap load of “If statements” to change a “input” date into day, month & year …

Hey! It was the lecturers idea … he was gonna fail anyone which used recursion, iteration or simple select switches :stuck_out_tongue:

Two weeks after that … our engineering lecturer decided we should write a simulation program to imitate two PC’s communicating with various length packets over a specific speed transmission medium (input variables at the start of the program) and calculate the time taken for a given number of packets, to compare the performance between different transmit window sizes.

A few weeks after that, he decided to ask us to implement a simple program to calculate the shortest/cheapest path between two nodes in approximately 100 interlinked nodes using the dijkstra routing algorithm.
I suspect I pissed him off, because I used recursion, which reduced my program, but probably also increased memory usage 1000 fold :stuck_out_tongue:
Beat the hell out of defining massive arrays for tracking though :stuck_out_tongue:
Easy debugging too :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, whadya know, there’s an iterative version here!

Edit VB is not a programming language … It’s BEER*/edit*

Good on ya, haveacigar - I’ve had to learn how to use stuff for forum use recently, and to start with I was tearing my hair out.

So, well done :clap: :iagree: