My first impressions of DW1640, not good not good at all



As you do when you first get a new drive i’m shuving all the media i can get my hands on through it. Admittadly its still very very early days (only burnt 4 discs so far) but the results aint been too good.
Most notabley Verbatim DL result below: i really really hope i got a dodgy disc or i might be sending this drive back! (Yes, i am using the latest version of cd speed with latest version of DVD decryptor to burn and of course the latest firmware) Pitty i only got one of these disc’s at the mo so i can’t redo the write :sad:

Might have to look at getting a NEC 3540 . . .


So does the DVD play well in a DVD player?


Oddly enough it seems to play fine :s and even another DL disc no Verbatim plays fine to even tho it scored 49 as the PI Failures went into the red at the end!
Comments anyone ? ? ?


Since you’re one of the first lucky people to own 1640, then you shouldn’t ask our comments. :bigsmile:

We would like to ask you: Burn more media and show us more scans! :iagree:


Already on it! Got a load of variety’s of DL coming on Monday (all are Ritek i think as i can get bugger all else in the UK without paying more than for Verbatim)

Point was why do the disc play fine, read perfect as i did data check with the burn yet they read really really badly in the scans???

[Will be posting 6 different media DL scans on Tuesday/Wednesday]


Looks like a problem where the first layer ends and the next one starts (?)


Burner: Benq DW 1640 FW BSGB
Software: Nero
Burnspeed possible: 8x
Burnspeed selected: 2,4x
Media: Verbatim DVD+R DL, Jewel-Case, skycom24
Mediacode: MKM 001
Reader: Benq DW 1640 FW BSBG
Readspeed: 8x


High PIE/PIF doesn’t necessarily mean the disc is unreadable. It just means that your drive has to do more error corrections on the disc to give you the correct data. However, if PIE/PIF is over a certain level then the error correction method won’t be able to cope with it, thus resulting in an unreadable disc. Also since all medias deteriorate over time, bad scans could indicate a potentially short life of the disc.


@Siswell scan at 8x speed.


Siswell did scan at 8 speed.


No his setting was on maximum!
And I would like to know if it makes a difference.


GerRon, but the transfer graph shows a max read speed of 8


Yes, I saw that too.
But Andy2411 has set scanning speed to 8x and as I said I would like to know if this setting is important on DL because it is for SL media.


From what I know, setting the speed to maximum will cause Nero to automatically scan at 8X with stock firmwares. The only way to scan at a speed above 8X is selecting it manually in the drop-down menu.

That’s with DW1620 anyway.