My first ever burn :)

Recorder: LiteOn SOHW-1673S (Rebadged Imation)
Firmware: JS0B (stock)
Media: Verbatim, 8x Rated (MCC003, Made in Singapore)
Recording Speed: 8x


You must mean your first burn with your new drive. Looks pretty good overall :smiley:

BTW, I’ve mentioned your thread over at to people I know more times than I can count. GREAT work, I use it all the time :bow:

Although… I’m looking at getting a new card and an update would be appreciated :flower:

It’s really my first ever DVD burn, since it’s my first DVD burner :slight_smile:

I’ve been away from THGC for a while, mainly due to classes. I’m planning to update the guides in this month, after my mid-terms are over.

Wow, your first ever DVD burner eh? Sorry about the mistake, it was just hard to imagine since I’ve had mine for so long now, welcome to the club. :clap:

he Ssseth long time no see!

Welcome back in the Lite-on forum!

The place were your carreer started!

Wow I’ll have to check out that burner. Nice job.

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