My first DVD+R DL writing with SOHW-1213S@1633S

Recently bought LiteOn SOHW-1213S and successfully flashed to
SOHW-1633S using OmniPatcher with BS0G firmware.
Lately bought one Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R DL disk for 15$, just for fun. :slight_smile:
Burned a movie using DVD Decrypter in ISO mode.
It takes 38:55 for 6.95GB.

Here is the KProbe scan and Nero CD-DVD Speed curve.

thats a very good scan vano for the verb d/l. It seems we can expect good 2.4x recording with this drive and media combination.

Hows DL burning with the 832S same or better/worser ?

Yeah, SirQUK. I think that result is good too.
Forgot to say: burned DVD+R DL was booktyped to DVD-ROM using DVD Decrypter’s option.

Should be about the same.

And here is Nero CD-DVD Speed test with Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-121.
It looks like burn quality is really great, cause there’s no slowdowns at 8X CAV reading speed.

PS. Thanks to Codeguys for their work…

Nice scan with kprobe and NeroCD/DVDspeed is great curve as well !!

thax codeguys for their great work!!

wa bro thx for testing
now i know that i can actually write DL without no problems with 1213–>1633