My first DVD+R DL burn.. some questions

My setup is in my sig. I used Decrypter ISO read then ISO write and selected the MD5 file.
Backed up my copy of Sin City.12 seconds into the process there was a weird error message that I foolishly neglected to write down, I just hit cancel by reflex thinking that the burn process was screwed up and I just burnt a coaster. The process surprisingly continued after this and the burn was a success.
Tested it at the club I worked at and everything was stellar up to the layer break. There was a slight hesitation, then the second layer kicked in with occasional bursts of minor pixelation. At one time it froze for about 1.5 seconds then continued playing. The pixelation stopped after about 3 minutes, maybe 5 and the quality was stellar till the end.

I realize that this was just one burn and I shouldnt really judge until I see the same issue with other burns. I am hoping that maybe I needed to adjust a setting in Decrypter or use another engine/software to burn DL discs.

I would appreciate any recommendations or tips. I am hoping that it was just a one time glitch. DL discs are still fairly expensive and I want to do as much as I can to insure premium quality burns prior to using - and potentially screw up - another disc.

Did you select bitsetting/book mark?

Yup… bitsetting is automatic via firmware. But bittsetting does not affect quality I think.

For the record… this is not a Warez copy. I also posted this question over at videohelp and I was accused of discussing Warez because Sin City is not to be officially released for another week. Here in NYC many local dvd stores release popular movies before the official date. But the guys over at videohelp are practically calling me a liar.

>>>>Here in NYC many local dvd stores release popular movies before the official date.<<<

Yes, most of us know that there are occasionally retailers that break the official street dates. When these stores are caught doing this, the distributors take serious action against them. And, just to help to clarify, the rules of most of these forums specifically make it clear that if obtain a copy of any film before it is officially released (regardless of the means), then the backing up of that disc is not to be discussed. There are also quite a few people on many of these forums who have the perk of working in a Mom and Pop retailer that sells DVDs, or a rental store, and thus they are often offered the ability to acquire a film prior to its release. They are also required to play by the rules established by each individual forum, though, to ensure that the forum is not shut down or does not endure a legal battle.