My First DVD Burner



First off if this is the wrong thread …please someone move it to the correct one…

Secondly, now that i’ve found the wonderful world of Bit Torrents…:wink: I have come to the realization that I need a DVD burner…my cd burner just won’t handle the size of data required for movies and applications…sooooooooo
seeing how you …are more knowledgeable about burners than myself .I would appreciate any advice or warnings on purchasing one…
just a few things here…
I won’t be buring that much so a HIGH end burner isn’t for me…just a basic one is what i’m looking for…100 or less if possible…
after all I’m wanting to spend 600- 800 on a digital camera and printer …for christmas…

so you guys and gals…HELP ME …PLEASE :bow:


I suggest you a BenQ 1640: it’s under $100 (in Italy it can be found @ under 50 euro), it’s very good in quality, and many users in the forum can help you with this burner. And (even if you don’t mind), is a very fast burner, but its major merit is the good burning quality. You can find more data on these threads:

Other good alternatives are Liteon 1693 and Benq 1620. Many users find NEC drives very good, but I don’t have ani experience with NEC, sorry.


I just bought a BenQ 1640 and its a very good drive but i still think that the NEC drives are better slightly…
but my opinion is based on the NEC 3500 and not the latest NEC 3540


thanks…i was thinking of a BenQ but i wasn’t sure which one…


Overall, my BenQ 1640 is better than all my other drives. Second place would be a tie between BenQ 1620 and Plextor 716A.

SS, you can get BenQ 1640 for about $40-45 from newegg or zipzoomfly.


NO WAY !! I was headed to best buy this weekend…thanks…now i can stay at home and just let the UPS dude come see me…


The Benq1620 is a rip in the space-time continuum. Avoid it at all costs. Getting a good one is hit & miss. Benq had serious quality contol issues.

I’m embarassed to have purchased it, even if it was just to provide a comparison with my existing NEC3500. My eyes have certainly been opened concerning the naivety of people & their acceptance of serious flaws as being the status quo.

The current crop of burners all get good reviews, including the benq1640, the nec3540 & the LG4163 (which is based on a phillips HS drive).

I was relatively impressed with the NEC3500 & NEC 3520, and the LG4163.
The LG can’t do quality scans though, if that’s a drawback.