My first DL burn - pretty bad scan

Verbatim+R DL rated at 2.4x
Burned with 1620 B7W9 WOPC on at 2.4x
Did 2nd burn at 4x, same bad result.

Any suggestions for improvements? Should I go back to B7T9?

BTW, DVDdecypter was used to make ISO and IMGBURN was used to burned.

Try scanning at 8x as that’s the recommended scan speed for Benqs. Might change the result, although the read speed didn’t exceed that anyway.
Also that looks like an old version of CD-DVD Speed. Try an update.

Thanks for your reply. I updated cdspeed to latest, and scanned with 8x. Same bad result. The quality on layer0 is 95%. As soon as it changes layer, it spikes. I hope I did not get a bad batch of blanks. These Verbatim are made in Singapore.

I’ll go back to B7T9 and see what happens.

Same bad result with B7T9. Is it the bad media or is it my drive since I have never done DL before?

I’ve only ever burned 2 but on my LG 4163B & they were lovely, unlike yours. Here’s my first one:-

I bought the Verbatim on sale at Staples Business Depot. They come in 3 packs. I’ll return the second pack, and buy a spindle of 10. Hope it will be better. The copies play well with no problems, altho I do not like the scan :a

Does the disk play ok? I have had issues with questionable dual layer scans with my benqs but the disks play and scan fine on other drives (liteons and plextors).

the 4163 is a sweet drive… :flower:

SO far, the disks play ok. In fact, after the burn, IMGBURN verify the disk and said it was ok. It is just strange that the first layer was burned with 95% and at the layer break, all hell broke loose. I’ll buy a 10 disk spindle and try again. Maybe there is something wrong with this batch, but then the likelyhood of having the same burn 3 out of 3 is indeed rare probability. Maybe there is something wrong with the scan (I hope).

Not sure without another drive to verify the scan it would be hard to tell if it really is a bad burn. Does your drive scan other media ok?

If you feel adventurous may want to try mediacodespeededit and try the MKM003 strategy for your MKM001 disk and see if it burns better. The pies look ok, the pifs seem a bit high. Remember also your scanning at 8x, and not 1x which the BLUR standard is based on. Also your playing your dvd at 1x when you watch it, which means your errors will not be so high. (to compare scans and save time 8x is the recommended speed for benq scans).

I bought a 10 pack and the first burn gives 92% with B7W9 WOPC off. That is a lot better than the 3 pack I bought erlier.

I’ve had QS=46 followed by QS=95 on my DW1655 all things the same.
The 3 packs seem to be flaky. I have much more consistency out of the 10 packs.

I had the same issues… benq scan of my dl was crap but my nec scan was 95% so i dunno think its a benq issue

I doubt if it is benq’s fault. The first 3 bad scans were from a 3 pack (in jewlel cases) and the good scan is from a 10 pack spindle (I actually dropped the whole pack, and the first disc was scratched on the edge).