My first disappointment with Double Layer disc

A my friend, with an original SOHW-1633S (BS0C), has written a Verbatim DL (8,99 Euro) with this bad result for the first layer :frowning: , and good result for the second :stuck_out_tongue: .

Today, I have written my first DL (brand Philips) with my 812@832 VS0B and the result is very similar. :frowning: Not good the first layer while the second is much better.
I expected me for the contrary.
Why this strange results?
Is a problem of both the discs or burning strategy?

Mistake - thought this post was in the noobie forum.

This seems to be a trend I am now seeing with MKM001. I suspect it’s the current batch of media because MKM001 used to return the best results and if it had any problem, it was with the second layer. Don’t know what to suggest really. CG3B may help improve the 812S@832S. :wink:

Thanks COdeKing, I will try.
It is normal that the written surface of the double layer disc seem to have some strange light reflection? I have never seen in SL discs.

It’s probably a moray effect from the data on the two layers.