My First Copied DVD

Hi all

Last nite i backed up my first DVD with success, it was my orig UP IN SMOKE dvd.

I used ‘1click DVD copy 4.1’ and ‘copy to dvd’ combo. The only problem is that it took ages to complete.It took 40 minutes to copy the DVD to my hard drive and 56 minutes to burn it to a disk.

Is that the normal speed for burning a backup dvd ??? Is there any other faster programs that can burn a DVD movie??


I have:

P3 500mhz
256 Ram
Lg 4163B DVD writer
DVD rom

No, those are not normal speeds. Try using DVD Decrypter ( It takes me about 15 minutes to rip it to my hd. Then use clonedvd2 to burn. I burn at 4x and it takes about 20 minutes to burn. In all it takes about 30-40 minutes total.

check your DMA settings.

you can burn it with decrypter too

It can depend on several factors. It generally takes me 20-40 minutes for the entire process on a fairly fast computer. How long it takes to copy to the hard drive can depend on the drive reading the disk and how fast it can read it. Try copying a movie to your hard drive from your rom, and then again from your lg to see if thier is a diffrence. How long the encoding process takes is directlly dependant on the speed of your computer but can also be influenced by the software used and how large the movie is (the larger it is, the more compression it takes, the longer it takes). The third part is the actual burn which depends on the burner and the media.
Try downloading anydvd and nero (use recode, the copy entire dvd-video option). They both have free trials and it is a pretty fast setup (like I said, 20-40 minutes from start to finish on an 8x disk with a fairly fast computer).
Fyi also check your dma settings as ako recomended. Make sure you check your dma setting in the bios and in windows.

Hey ripit…

I think you hit it in the head without noticing. (Quote: with a FAST system) With a 500Mhz P3 and 256M of Ram, this may be all this one can do for speed and time. But for sure do as ako, ripit, and now me say, verify and make sure your set to DMA and not PIO. Other than that, with the guts you have in your system, you will be stuck with a slower burn time.


Sportfish is defenatlly right. A 500mhz p3 will defanatlly make the process take longer. I’m running an athlon xp2400 in one rig with half a gig of ram and an athlon xp2500 overclocked to 2150 mhz with half a gig of pc3200 in the other.