My first coaster!

Just a cute FYI. After about 120 burns, I made a data backup of an RW. The RW had some fairly important data I wanted to duplicate on a +R, because I’ve decided it’s not temporary after all. This burn, number 122 since I received the drive in late December, was the first coaster I’ve burned.

I have no idea why. The media is Optodisc +R 4x; I know, not the quality media you’re expecting, but it’s otherwise been consistent and reasonable for me. 1 failure in 120 isn’t much compared to the horror stories I’ve read about bad batches of CMC, or fingerprint laden Fuji TY.

I personally think it was a Nero glitch, but I have no ability to test that. It’s nice, though, in a strange way, to celebrate the first failed disc. The BenQ 1620 has been so good, I needed a wakeup to keep me verifying what I burn. I was about at the point of stopping a scan or verify step, but I know better.

Obvioulsy I’ll need to burn through another 1,000 or more to get a feel for the “odds” of a failed burn. When it came to CD-R’s, I reached a point where a failed burn was about 1 in 250 or so, and I still checked them all. Byte for byte, though, 1 in 120 is fairly good, especially for cheap media.

haha… should’ve pick up some lottery tickets huh?

nice. My first dvd-r was a coaster LOL