My first coaster

After 3 months and about 150 burns I finaly got my first coaster…sniff…sniff…

TDK branded CMC Mag E01. I made 4 other burns at 12x with these discs with no problems and with exellent quality. We will see how the rest burn…

The lesson learned…stick to quality media!!! Back to my fuji 8x made in japan (ty). At sale prices (best buy, compusa, etc…) they can be had for .40 each.

Cravat Emperor…buyer beware!!!

Is one coaster something to get upset about? Not really, but it shows the difference first hand between quality media and average media. I am not posting this for the forum regulars (you all know this already…lol) but for the casual surfer. Quality media equals peace of mind!!!

Nec 3500
FW LD V2 Beta 2

If the same rule apply, you (and all of us) would have to not buy any TY if a single one of them is a coaster. Otherwise it would be unfair to these media. I say 1 out of 150 burns is a pretty good ratio.

Are RITEKG05’s considered high quality? cause I never had a problem with mine… And as far as my physical abuse test went, they dont peel easy- They wont peel under normal abuse.

1 out of 5 with this media…that’s a 20% faliure rate so far!!!

I have never used those media, but I have read that Ritek’s quality varies from batch to batch. From what I gather, if you get a good batch they are top notch…

The funny thing is, higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality.
Cheaper discs can still compete.

I think the CMC MAG AE1 is a great disc.

But surprisingly, just as good as that, in my opinion, is the BULKPAQ FUJIFILM 8x disc. I have burned these consistently at 12x and never had a coaster. Nor any problems with skipping. And that’s on a VERY fussy ps2.

Plus, they only cost 18p.

I NEVER in the past would have bought bulkpaq media, I’m such a snob… But I had heard great reviews of these discs and for once, they lived up to the hype.

Is that .18 USD??? If so, plese post me a link!!!

Hypothetical question (assuming we’re using the same DVD burner and burning at the same speed):
If I were to use the same media and have had no coasters, what would that make the media? Would it still be a “buyer beware” or a “yes, buy it”?

how strange
Never had any coasters with CMC MAG AE1 at 12x (burn loads)
Bulkpaq FUJIFILM03 are all coasters at 12x and some are coasters at 8x (also burn loads)

I think that is around $0.40. hellbitch is talking pence…UK.

I am just reporting my experiences with cmc mag E01 not CMC MAG AE1 . Also, burner type and fw version may play a factor. What I can say for sure is that of the 150 or so burns i have done about 80-90 of them have been genuine YUDEN000T02 (fuji and ty brand). Of those not 1 coaster. In fact, I have NEVER heard (done much resaerch) of anyone getting a coaster that wasn’t user error from these disks. While I am sure that some have, the point is they are so few and far between that they don’t even hit the radar in that repsect. This is the difference between quality media and average media. Notice the use of the word average…not bad just average. So I stand buy my buyer beware. Quality media equals peace of mind…

The first of my spindle of Verbatim MCC003 was a coaster. The rest have so far produced some the finest scans I have ever had.
Would this still be a case of buyer beware? :slight_smile:
BTW I think cravat emperor translates to “the emperor’s necktie” :stuck_out_tongue:

always used Arita’s , mediacode Ritek G04
But i’ve begun to notice how easily these discs scratch at the bottom, and very often show strange marks at the bottom also, like stains or something. Since then i moved to FujiFIlm discs, TY mediacode :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for 16x ty…

burnin 8x discs just fine at 16x :wink:

true…but pi faliures are little higher than I would like. kind of a purist in that respect.

If the same rules apply, I’d have to categorize these media as “buyer beware” as well. Why? Well, ask the coaster. :iagree:

Ok…lets put it this way. Would you put cmc on the same level as ty or mcc? keep using cmc…helps keep the price/demand for ty down…means more ty for me!!! :slight_smile:

Ok, from what i’ve been reading on this thread, it seems like most people will agree that fw LDV2B2 happens to be very stable. I’ve tried looking thru www.michaelbroeg… (can’t remember the actual URL) and could not find the fw on the page. If anyone can hook me up with the link to the actual firmware that’d be great.

Which firmware do you need…