My first burning error in years



Hi, i tried to burn data on a cd-rw…twice…failed. don’t know what really went wrong…maybe i forgot something.

I included 2 txt attachements, one about my system (PCinfo) en one about the burning log (log)…

Maybe someone wants to look and help me out what went wrong…tnx


I’d be inclined to think that you’re trying to get too much on the disk. It’s very close to full & that’s when problems occur, especially with CD-RW media. The burn time would suggest it’s close to the end.

Occasional full formats on RW media help to maintain their writability and note that RW media does eventually fail.

I note that DMA is not enabled on your CD-ROM. Would be a good idea to fix that.


i disagree , i burned plenty of media close to full without issues , anyway the problem is defintly the media

CDRW code: 00 97 10 00; CD manufacturer unknown

means your burner (its firmware to be more exact) does not support the mediacode , a firmware update might do the trick but if it wont then youll have to use other media , anyway its unrelated but as alredy said its a good idea to enable the dma on some of your other optical drives… , see this thread if you dont know how , also i must say your nero version is very old , i suggest youll get the latest or at least


means your burner (its firmware to be more exact)[B] does not support the mediacode [/B], a firmware update might do the trick but if it wont then youll have to use other media

CD media doesn’t actually have Media IDs/Codes.

There’s always more chance of failure the closer you get to the edge of a disk. That’s the area more likely to suffer physical damage and many would recommend not going over about 75mins on an 80min CD.

And RW media does fail on a regular basis. I’ve used Verbatim CD-RW that have started to have problems after about 20 full burns, not actually to the point of failure but when used for video playback have had serious picture breakdown.


wrong , both cd & dvd discs have a media code , thats how the burner identifies em & knows what write startegy to use & what speeds to allow , thats just the way it works :slight_smile:

i agree , RW medias really dont have a long life , after a few erases it starts to go bad , but all in all RW medias arent intended for archiving their just for testing stuff so their failure rate is acceptable

im not sure about that , why would the edge of the disc more likely go bad then any other area? , anyway i still have several cds i burned years ago that are still fully readable (and i burned em all the way to the 700) , ive always used quality medias mostly taiyo yuden


I think it’s a size-problem whats causing it…now i solved it in another way. The eventually burned disc (from an image) would contain an installation software.

So i used “daemon tools”, mounted a drive, installed the software…everything’s fine know…always there’s something else around the PC/internet world to solve a problem :slight_smile:

anyway tanx guys