My first burn with my SOHW-812S

I just ordered an 812S from Newegg, threw on the stock USON firmware, and put in a blank Ricoh 4x DVD+R ($20 for 25 shipped). Total order, $97. I’m pretty happy with the results. Must be beginner’s luck :).

Looks so comfortable

I havn’t tried Ricoh’s yet

Whoops, meant to say Ridata. Burned at 4x.

I thought that Ritek was going to be using Riteks instead of Ricohs for its RiData +Rs? Hm. They need to make up their mind. :confused:

about right with richoh and 812…remember also the 812 scans alot better than the rest of the liteons, so your scans as well as mine on my 812 are always going to be a bit lower than others scanning lets say in a 811/851. :wink:

check this link:

it shows that Liteon 812s is good on many media types…

RiData 4x DVD+R uses ricohjpnr01 code and RiData 8x DVD+R uses Ritek R03 code according to this: