My first burn with good media

Just got this drive last week and just got some Taiyo Yuden’s today so I am posting my first burn higher than 4x.

This burn was done at 12x on my DW1620 with the B7P9 firmware. I don’t understand the graphs very well. Could you guys explain what factors make it a bad burn. Enjoy the scan. Info from scan:

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware: B7P9
Disc: DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 25
Average: 3.49
Total: 34193
PI failures
Maximum: 6
Average: 0.11
Total: 883
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 11.7 %
Average: 8.62 %
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 17833
Average scanning interval: 8.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

PIF is low…but try rescanning at 8x speeds…thats what most cdfreaks user use here…easier to compare…

Very good scan. :smiley:

Even though I set the read speed to maximum (used the benq as the scanner as well) you can see in the picture it barely got over 8x. My other question is what factors make a scan a bad one. I pretty much read the quality score and thats it. The PI Errors and PI Failures I don’t understand, so if anyone can explain it here I would really appreciate it. You can tell I’m a total newbie! Sorry bout that.